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Home Invasion Humiliation
Lianna Lawson
With Lianna Lawson Sexy Tgirl Lianna Lawson puts on her favorite spandex catsuit, corset, and heels and climbs into her satin sheets. She loves the way she slides around in the silkiness. She strokes her lady cock and lays there lavishly..

Looks like someone else has taken notice of our sexy Tgirl.. Her roommate sneaks into her room and sees her resting there in her bed.. He slowly pulls back the satin sheets and admires her shiny curves. He decides tonite is the night he is going to make his move. He shoves his hand over her mouth and holds her down while he ties her up from head to toe! (off camera).

Lianna would normally fight harder and protest, but she kinda likes where this is going.. He ballgags her and gropes her all over. She squirms to get away, offering some resistance, but he still manages to get hands all over her. He sees her vibrator toy on the dresser and picks it up. Ok, this is too much for Lianna. "Please don't use that on me!" she tries to say through the gag.. He grabs her by the throat and holds her down while he shoves the vibe between her legs. She struggles to avoid it, but he climbs on top of her and wraps his legs around her too. Lianna cant hide how excited she is anymore. She groans and grinds forward against the vibrations..

He brings her close to cumming a few times, only to pull it away and tease her at just the right moments, calling her a little slut and tormenting her. After edging her for a while he gets up and grabs more rope. "Lets see if you can get out of this.." he tells her as he pulls her ankles up into a hogtie. "If you can, I won't make you rest tied." She struggles hard. As she does he looks over and sees her instant camera on the dresser. He begins snapping photos of her bound on the bed. "Maybe I'll show these to your friends?" he jokes to her. She struggles harder now and begs him not too. "You better be really nice to me and agree to do this whenever I want.. Or else these photos may surface somewhere.." Mortified at the though of being humiliated like that, she agrees to let him tie her up whenever he wants.. "We will start with tonite!" he says as he picks her satin sheet off of the ground and throws it over the top of her helpless bound body. He turns off her light and bids her goodnight!

Tags: Crotchrope Rope Bondage Spandex Tease & Denial

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