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Ella Hollywood- Burglary Gone Right
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Ella goes to bed in her favorite satin lingerie and fishnets. She climbs into the slippery satin sheets and gets comfy. As she nods off, she dreams of a big man coming in and having his way with her.. She awakens to a big tattooed hand over her mouth. Before she can scream or make a sound, a gag is shoved into her mouth and pulled tight. She flips and struggles, but the man's strong hands do a good job of holding her down and wrapping her body with rope.

He gets up off of her and leaves the room. She can hear him rummaging through things in the house most likely looking for valuables. She struggles to get free, but the more she does, the more aroused she gets. This was just what she had been dreaming about. She knows she shouldn't be enjoying this, but she can't help herself.

When the man re-enters the room, he sees that she has moved around quite a lot. He doesn't want her hopping away to call for help, so he yanks her back into place, grabs another length of rope, and mounts her. He flips her over and puts his big hand on her throat, and as he does, he notices her erection at full attention in her satin panties. "My my my.. what have we got here? I was gonna take some of your jewelry, but maybe I'll take you instead sissy girl.." he says with an evil grin as he bares his weight down on her helpless body. He hogties her tight with the rope and again leaves the room.

Now completely helpless, poor Ella tries hard to struggle free, but the ropes are so tight she can't manage to move. Her throbbing cock has a heartbeat of it's own at this point. She grinds it against her panties and the ropes. She can't believe how good it feels.

The robber comes back and asks her where her safe is hidden as he chokes her and fondles her body. He removes her gag to let her speak. As he does she sticks her tongue out like a cat in heat. Please.. The safe is in the back room in the closet.. Take it.. Just please.. PLEASE.. Leave me tied up.."

The man looks down at her with an evil grin.. ""Very well my dear.."""

Tags: Bdsm Crotchrope Lingerie Rope Bondage

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