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The Sex Slave Part 1
Natalie Stone
Gorgeous Tgirl Natalie Stone comes home from the office and throws her keys on the table as she enters. All she can think about is getting out of her work clothes and relaxing. Before she can make it all the way to her room, she is grabbed by a large tattooed intruder!! He puts his leather gloved hand over her mouth and drags her away.. He carries her over his shoulder into his dungeon lair and lays her on the ground. He fondles her and takes her panties off before fastening large leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Then he leaves her. Later, when she finally comes to, she is in a strange room and loosely cuffed with leather restraints. "Ooof.. Where am I?" she wonders. Just then the tattooed bully comes in. "Ahh.. I see somebody's awake!" He pulls a lever on the wall and smiles as a powerful winch pulls her down flat on the floor 4 ways into a tight spread eagle. "Now I have your attention.." he sneers. She struggles and tries to pull free, but she is very tightly pulled. He leans over and shoves a ballgag into her mouth and fastens it behind her neck. He runs his hands over her helpless body and again pulls up her skirt. "I think I have something for your little cock here.." he says, producing a micro cock cage. He slides the cock ring over her balls and locks the cage in place. "Now we can't have you getting hard on us while your sex slave transformation is happening. You will wear this cage through your training.." Again she fights and struggles, but with little result. He grabs a vibrator and vibrates the cage. Instantly her body goes slack and her eyes cross.. Waves of pleasure overcome her senses. She has never felt anything like this and she doesn't ever want it to stop. He runs his glove over her gagged mouth and under her bra. "Ahhh.. I see you're enjoying this! Well I have lots more planned for you dear. Soon you will be my very willing sex slave.."

Tags: Ballgagged Chastity Cock Tease Damsel In Distress

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