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Roxi Heart- The Panty Thief
Roxi Heart
Roxi sneaks into her neighbors house through an open window and slips upstairs to the master bedroom. She passes all of the valuables and starts pulling out drawers until she finds what she was looking for.. The lady of the house's panty drawer! She slides it open and peeks inside. Jackpot! Rows of amazing folded satin panties.. All there for the taking! Just then the door opens.. "What are you doing in here?! How did you get in here?! What are you doing in my panty drawer?!".. These are all answers Roxi had better come up with quick! The woman moves towards Roxi and grabs the panties out of her hand. "Here, since you like these so much.. put them on!!"  Roxi is frozen with fear and does what the woman asks.. Now standing there wearing the woman's panties, the woman begins to laugh.. "Just look at you.. Such a pretty girl you are. My husband is on his way home and he's going to show you what happens to disgusting panty thieves.." She grabs some rope and ties Roxi's wrists behind her and shoves her onto the bed. She grabs more rope and ties Roxi's ankles. Now Roxi is helpless on the bed and awaiting what comes next.. The woman's husband comes home and looks confused. "Well what have we here?" "A disgusting perverted panty thief." The wife replies. "I made her put some on and then tied her up so you could properly punish her for breaking in here." The husband looks down at the trembling thief.. "So you like panties, eh?" He says smugly.. "Well here you go!" He dumps the entire drawer of satin panties onto her. Before Roxi can make a sound he grabs one of the pairs and shoves it into her mouth and then wraps tape around her face to keep it in place. He grabs another pair and pulls it up over her face and head and tapes them on as well. "Now don't you look ridiculous!" he jokes at her. He grabs more rope and re-ties her legs into a frogtie and wrenches her elbows together before tying them tightly behind her. He grabs his wife's Hitachi vibrator. "Time to teach you a lesson little girl.."

Tags: Blindfolded Bound Orgasms Cock Tease Damsel In Distress

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