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Cam Girl Chairtied and Humiliated
Natalie Mars
Sexy Tgirl Natalie Mars is setting up her camera and lights to do her cam show for the evening. Little does she know, there is someone already in the house that is about to de-rail her show.. A crazed fan has tracked down where she lives and is waiting for the right moment to pounce! Natalie finishes setting up her gear and presses record on the camera. She sits backwards on a chair and begins rubbing on herself and getting aroused. She caresses her sides and ass while keeping eye contact with the camera over her shoulder. She is transfixed and doesn't notice the intruder until she sees him on screen with her through the viewfinder! She jumps and screams, but it's too late! He wrestles her down right in the middle of her cam show. He decides that they are going to give her fans something a little more spicy tonite. He ties her arms behind her and ties her to the ceiling by her neck. Now she's not going anywhere. He repositions her camera to get all of the coming action for her fans. Next he pulls down her satin panties and exposes her cock, which is beginning to stiffen. He puts her smelly panties over her face with the crotch over her nose and mouth. Natalie is trying to fight and pretend like she doesn't like this treatment, but when someone acts out your deepest darkest fantasy on you.. You might let it play out a while.. He grabs a giant ballgag and shoves it into her mouth over the panties. Now bound and gagged, he runs his hands all over her, groping her little titties and fondling her exposed cock. He sits her down on her chair and grabs more rope. He ties her in place with her legs spread wide. Again he gropes and fondles her on front of the camera. Natalie is getting off on the public humiliation she is receiving. When the intruder is finished rubbing all over her, he tells her she is much prettier in person. He removes her gag and the drool-soaked panties and leaves her there, still tied to the chair. Natalie is going to have to plead to her fans and also give out her address publicly if she is going to get released from her bonds!! Hopefully whoever gets there first will be as nice to her as the intruder was!

Tags: Ballgagged Cock Tease Damsel In Distress Domination

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