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Caged, Fingered, and Left Bound for The Night
Pixi Lust
Sexy slavegirl Pixi Lust is in for the evening.. She begins nearly naked, with just some satin panties covering her clitty. Shiny walks in and hands her a micro cock-cage to put on. She removes her underwear, and sees that putting it on is going to be a challenge.. as Pixi knows whats coming and is getting very excited.. But she manages to get the cage shut and locked. Next Shiny pulls out a large ass-filling butt plug and tells her to get on all 4's. He ballgags her, then puts on some nitrile cloves and fingers her P-spot for a few moments until her eyes go crossed! Now she is ready for the plug, which he lubes up and inserts. Now caged and plugged, he hands her a spandex catsuit to put on. She pulls it on slowly, feeling the silky material as she does, and being careful not to disturb the plug or cage underneath. Next she is fitted with a tight corset, leather cuffs, and a posture collar. The cuffs are padlocked behind her and she is again ballgagged and then strapped up tight with wide leather belts. Finally, she is attached to the bed with rope cinchers, and then fitted with a strong vibrator strapped up between her thighs and resting against the rigid chastity cage. When Shiny flips on the switch, the entire plugged and encased package that is Pixi shudders and shakes with pleasure. He takes the satin panties she was wearing and places them over her face and ballgag. "You keep it down in here, Im going to bed.." are the last things she hears before he leaves her there for the night..

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bound Bound Orgasms Butt Plug

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