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Models / Lianna Lawson

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The Plug 2
Lianna Lawson
Lianna's master is not satisfied with the plugged anal torment she received before and decides to up the ante.. He removes her plug, allowing her butt to tighten back up for a few moments as he reties her arms behind her in a boxtie. He moves her stool over underneath a ceiling anchor above and tells her to come bend over for a new fitting. Now using an even larger butt plug than before, he shoves the lubed up toy deep into her sore asshole. Lianna moans loudly as the plug enters. Once again, she is sat up on the hard stool on top of the plug. This time, her upper body is tied to the anchor ring above. Next her ankles are crossed and tied together as well. He takes an extra length of rope and hoists her ankles up and over her head. Now all of her body weight is resting right on the plug. She struggles and tries to move the pressure to a different spot, but it's no use. "There now. Thats the angle you really needed for this punishment." He smiles and walks off. Lianna shifts and struggles to get comfortable. The longer she sits, the more the plug fills her up. He ass throbs. The giant plug feels like it's going to split her up the middle! She is helpless to stop her torment and sits there sobbing for what seems like hours... Waiting for him to return and release her.

Tags: Ballgagged Butt Plug Gag Talk Groping
The Plug
Lianna Lawson
Sexy Lianna is drug into frame by with her arms tied tightly behind her at the wrists and elbows. She is bent over the counter and a large ballgag is crammed into her mouth and buckled snugly behind her head. A giant butt plug is placed onto the counter next to her face and lubed up. She shakes her head and tries to pull away, but she is held down and made to watch as the enormous toy is covered in slimy lubricant.  "You know where this is going, don't ya?" a voice booms from behind her. She shakes her head and tries pull at her binds, but she is quite helpless. Once the plug is all lubed up, her pulls down her shiny satin panties and bigins to wiggle it into her tight asshole. The camera gets both the insertion and also her facial reaction as it slides in deep. Lianna moans and struggles. Once the plug is buried to the hilt, he pulls her panties back up to hold it in place. "I have an idea!" he says, grabbing more rope. He ties the rope around her waist and down between her legs. He pulls in up through her ass crack over the plug and gives it a nice tug. He takes it, runs it over her wrist ropes and back again through her ass crack and ties it of in front of her, not only securing the toy deep inside, but framing her package in front and securing her arms in place behind her. "There we go.. Now that thing ain't coming out." he chuckles. He gives her a couple of swats on the ass and plug. "Now then.." He pulls a stool over behind her. " Lets have a seat, shall we?" He shoves her down on the hard wooden seat of the stool. The toy buries itself even deeper into her, and is now a major source of discomfort. She struggles and shifts her weight, trying desperately to dislodge it, but he grabs more rope and ties her tightly down on top of it. She sits there, helplessly perched on the stool, drooling down the front of herself, while the wicked plug digs in deeper with every movement she makes. Before he leaves her, he sits on her lap.. Crushing it in even farther until her eyes are tearing up.  "Alright dear. I am going to leave you like this for awhile. I hope you enjoy your punishment!" He walks out, leaving her there impaled and crying. A few hours later he returns. He pulls Lianna's gag out of her mouth and she is a slobbering mess. With tears in her eyes she begs him.. "PLEASE! Please take it out! Please! It's so big! PLEASE! I promise I'll behave.."

Tags: Bdsm Butt Plug Crotchrope Damsel In Distress
Tripped Tied and Vibed
Lianna Lawson
Lianna is babysitting the neighbor brats and is straightening up the house before their big brother gets home. As she is making the bed, she hears a loud crash come from the next room. She makes her way in there to see whats happened, but trips over a booby trap the brats left for her. She comes to and she has been very tightly tied up on the bed. She struggles for a few minutes before she hears the front door open. Their big brother is home early!! Lianna struggles hard, but is soon discovered all tied up on the bed. When he sees her he knows just what to do. He grabs some string out of the drawer and some duct tape. He pulls her sweaty sneakers and socks off of her feet. Once they are exposed, he ties her big toes together tightly with the string. She pleads with him to stop and let her go. He takes her sweaty sock and stuffs it into her mouth. He takes the duct tape and wraps her face to hold it deep in the back of her throat. She almost gags from the taste of it. She moans and struggles, trying to free herself. Then he takes a leather strap and blindfolds her. Now helplessly hogtied, effectively gagged, and blind, he takes a hitachi vibrator and starts playing with her shiny growing cock bulge in the front of her leotard.. Lianna lurches back and forth trying to dodge the hitachi, but eventually succumbs to the warm vibes and soon is squirting in the front of her suit! What has she done to deserve such torture?!

Tags: Babysitter Blindfolded Bound Orgasms Crotchrope
Tight Dreams
Lianna Lawson
This video was a custom commission! Sexy Lianna Lawson finishes her dance lesson and plops down on the couch. She scrolls through her phone and finds herself searching out bondage photos. GOD, how she would love someone to do that to her. Tie her up and use her helpless body... Such a nice thought. She looks out the window and sees the handyman raking the yard. She fantasizes about him coming inside and having his way with her. She sits back down and touches herself through her sexy leotard. All of these intense thoughts have her feeling a little exhausted.. She shuts her eyes. Lianna then dreams.. She is ballgagged and her hands are tied behind her. She has a thick buttplug in place underneath her tights and she is being made to ride the handyman's lap. With every slide and bounce, the plug sinks deeper and deeper inside of her. She moans and drools all over herself, thinking she is the perfect butt slut.  The man then unties her hands and re-ties them over her head. He pulls her back down onto his lap, positioning his hard knee right under her plug. He starts bouncing her again. Poor Lianna feels like she is going to split in half, but she begs him not to stop. A moment later, her knees begin to shake uncontrollably and she explodes in her tights! Lianna opens her eyes and looks around. She is alone in her living room. What an incredible dream!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Groping Rope Bondage
Bed Bound and Vibed
Lianna Lawson
Tall sexy T-girl Lianna Lawson gets tied down and stretched back on the bed leaving her exposed and helpless to whatever Shiny wants to do to her.. Some serious teasing with the vibrator is whats on his mind. With her cock encased in thick satin panties and framed by the tight rope, she is gonna have a hard time getting fully erect or cumming. She moans and squirms and longs for any kind of release!

Tags: Ballgagged Cock Tease Crotchrope Domination
Futaslaves Cocksucking Predicament
Lianna Lawson , Shiri Allwood
Lianna Lawson is strapped to a pole with her arms locked behind her. A hole has been cut in her spandex slave suit and her cock is exposed. Her mouth has been stuffed, her ears plugged, and a tight leather hood has been laced up over the top. She is blindfolded and completely sensory deprived. She waits there not knowing what her master has in store for her today.. He brings in another slave girl.. Shiri is wearing a matching silky spandex slave suit. Her hands are bound behind her and she has been fitted with an open mouth gag. She is sat down in a chair directly across from Lianna and her arms are pulled up and tied to the back of the chair, forcing her face forward towards Lianna's cock.. Lianna can now feel Shiri's hot breath on her cock, and she begins to get hard. Master has a special plan for these 2 slave girls. He places a a bi metal hook inside of Lianna's ass and pulls her hips forward to meet Shiri's mouth. Once Lianna's now throbbing cock is inside of Shiri's dripping drooling mouth, he padlocks the loop end of the metal hook to Shiri's collar. Now she is locked in place and cannot pull back off of the cock deep in her throat.. She sucks and sucks while Lianna helplessly hangs in the balance! Everytime Shiri tries to pull away, the hook buries deeper into Lianna's prostate, bringing her closer and closer to a fierce orgasm.

Tags: Ass Hook Bdsm Belt Bound Blindfolded
Ass Hooked and Cumming
Lianna Lawson
Silky Secretary Lianna is dragged upstairs to the dungeon where she is handed a black spandex catsuit and told to change into it. She is gagged and then tied arched back on her knees. An anal hook is lubed up, inserted, and anchored to the top of the frame, pulling her hips forward. Now completely helpless in a very compromising position, Shiny grabs the hitachi vibrator and holds it on Lianna's rock hard cock. She tries to pull back, however the solid steel hook digs directly into her prostate and she explodes all over the inside of her suit. Afterwards, she is post-cum teased.

Tags: Ass Hook Ballgagged Bdsm Bound Orgasms
Trapped In Her Head
Lianna Lawson
With Lianna Lawson

Lianna Lawson has been having some strong fantasies that are starting to affect her daily life. She books an appointment with a therapist to talk her through these fantasies and try to find a solution to her problem.

She lays on his couch and begins to tell him about how she can't stop thinking of being tightly belted to a chair with thick leather straps, blindfolded and gagged, and then taken full advantage of while she is helpless and deprived..

Will he be able to help her get her life back on track, or will she remain trapped in her head?

Tags: Swallowing/drooling


Hi i really love Lianna Lawson the way she struggles hmmmm i just love the way she looks. please let her know

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