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Models / Natalie Mars

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Natalie Mars Vital Stats:

Trans girl, porn star, anal size queen and all around filthy piggy.

Natalie Mars Updates

A Date With Destiny
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Trans girl escort Natalie Mars shows up at the house of a new client. He seems like a legit guy, and came highly recommended from a trusted source. She shows up for the date and introduces herself. She sees that he has a drink already poured for her on the bar and she helps herself. A few moments later, she feels a little strange..

She comes to and she is tied to a chair. She struggles to get free, calling him a psycho and switching between asking and telling him to untie her. When he has had his fill of her mouth, he stuffs a giant ballgag in it and straps it tight. He ties her legs apart and exposes her pink satin panties. He unbuttons her blouse as well and gropes her titties. She shakes back and forth furiously, drooling all over her chest. What will he do with poor Natalie now that she is helpless?

Tags: Ballgagged Rope Bondage
Self Bondage Gone Wrong Part 1
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Sexy Natalie puts on her favorite silky spandex leotard and leggings and heads into the living room for a little stretch. Her boyfriend won't be home until later that evening, so she is going to limber up and then get out her toy box for a fun little day of self bondage.

Once her stretching is finished, she heads upstairs to her bedroom. She pulls a heavy box out of the closet containing all of her handcuffs, shackles, chains, and padlocks, and dumps it out in the bed. She starts by wrapping a length of chain around her waist, running it up between her legs, and padlocking it to a pair of handcuffs in the back, leaving them there to dangle for now. Next she grabs her biggest diameter black ballgag and straps it tightly into her mouth, making sure she can't spit it out. She sits down and fastens some shackles around her ankles, clicks them tight, and kicks her feet to test them. She stands and fastens another length of chain around her neck like a collar and leash, and padlocks it in place. She walks around to the far side of the bed and attaches the other end of her neck chain to a steel loop in the floor with a padlock. She gives this chain some good yanks, making sure its extra secure. It is not budging. Last she puts her hands behind her back, clicks the handcuffs around her wrists, and settles into her afternoon bondage fun.

A few blissful moments go by and then panic strikes her. THE KEYS!! "Holy fuck how did I forget about those!" she thinks as she glances up to see them on the dresser next to where she was preparing. She gets up on the bed and makes her way over to them. Yank! The neck chain pulls tight and she is nowhere near close enough. She lays on the bed, completely outstretched and suffocating herself with the chain collar trying to reach them! She gets her toes up onto the dresser, but they stop just an inch short of reach. "An inch! OMG.. What am I going to tell my boyfriend? He's going to find me like this and have some questions for sure. What will he do to me?!" she thinks.

She struggles around for a few more hours, waiting for him to come home and unlock her. When she finally hears him open the front door, her heart sinks. The butterflies in her stomach almost make her sick. What will he think?

"What are you doing?!" he exclaims. "How long have you been like this?" He seems worried at first, but then he sees the keys on the dresser and the neck chain.. "Oh I see.. You got YOURSELF stuck, didn't you?" he says as he runs his hands over her sleek spandex. Natalie nods a defeated "Yes". He giggles and grabs the keys. He removes her neck chain, and then removes one of her ankle cuffs.. Only to run it up through her crotch chain and back down to reattach it. Now poor Natalie is hog-cuffed on the bed. She lets out a confused grunt. "Well.. Your plan obviously was to be tied up all day.. I wouldn't want to disrupt your time in here.." Natalie looks up at her boyfriend confused, and yet very turned on. She had no idea he would be into this kind of play. Now with his approval, she is helplessly chained up and left there to struggle until he decides to come back to release her.

Tags: Handcuff And Shackle Fetish Predicament Bondage Spandex
The Butt Slave Slut Part 1
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Slave Natalie puts on some slutty satin lingerie and stockings and then I strap her into a tight leather straightjacket. She is brought into the dungeon where she is pushed into a chair, hooded, and panel gagged. Now fully sensory deprived, the chair is pulled out. She stumbles around for a few seconds trying to get her bearings, and I prepare the ass hook with some lube. The ass hook is attached to a rope which I have run through a pulley on the ceiling. I brink Natalie to the center of the floor, turn her around, and slide the hook up into her asshole. She squirms in her jacket, but I grab her and hold her steady while I complete the insertion. I step back and pull the rope, hoisting her up by the hook. I see that her high heels are getting in the way, so I remove them. Now flatfooted, I tie off the hook and leave her in her mini prison. There is no way she can remove the hook, and she can only walk about 3 steps in any direction before it pulls tight. Now I decide to have some fun with my slave. I tell her to get on her tippy-toes as I pull the rope. She dances around like a ballerina, groaning through her gag. I grab a padlock off of the counter and lock the top "D" ring of her hood to the hook rope.. I tell her to bend over. As she does, the hook naturally pulls her head back as well, leaving her in a delicious position she cannot correct from without my help. After a moment or two I straighten her back up. Again I pull the rope. "Back up on those toes my dear. This time, I want you to do a full spin around.." She struggles on her toes to make one complete spin, while dangling there by her asshole. "Good girl Natalie.." Lets see what else I have in store for you..

Tags: Crotchrope Domination Objectification Predicament Bondage
Suspended and Helpless Part 2
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Gorgeous T-girl Natalie Mars gets swung and groped while helplessly rope suspended and harness gagged.. She is hanging in a sitting position. She looks a little too comfortable, so I add some clover clamps to her nipples and string them up. I also tie her satin panties to the side to expose her lady cock. As she again starts to get too comfy, a begin to rock her back and forth, letting the nipple clamps pull and release...

Tags: Ballgagged Crotchrope Rope Bondage Suspension
The Secretary
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Sexy T-girl Natalie Mars and I did a little altered re-make of one of our favorite scene from the motion picture "The Secretary".

Natalie begins as the secretary, ball gagged, collared, and cuffed to the classic spreader bar behind her neck. She straightens up my papers on my desk, accidentally dropping them on the floor and having to squat down to pick them up. Once she has finished and filed them properly, I reward her by bending her over my desk and giving her a nice bare handed spanking.

Next I grab a chair and a set of leg irons. I sit her down and spread her legs apart to the sides and shackle her ankles to the chair legs. I remove her ballgag and drool falls all over her blouse. She sits there looking at me hungrily and I know I have to refill that mouth with something. I know what she would like it filled with.. But I grab the pump gag instead. I strap it it tightly over her face with the inflatable bulb deep in the back of her mouth. I make her look into my eyes as I give it a few good test pumps. She looks confused by how intrusive this gag really is, but before I give another warning, I pump it a full 6 times! She shakes and panics and chokes on the mouth filling bulb, spitting all over herself! I release the pressure and she gulps a few big breaths. I grab her chin "Are you OK babygirl?" She nods. I take my time and play with her properly, pumping the gag and releasing, teasing her. She is so aroused now she is leaking through her satin panties. I pump it up again just enough to keep her silent, unbutton her drool soaked blouse, and leave her there chained to her chair.

Tags: Bdsm Crotchrope Secretary
BTS Hentai Shoot
Ella Hollywood , Natalie Mars
With Ella Hollywood and Natalie Mars

A few video snippets from BTS with Natalie and Ella from the hentai style bondage photo shoot we did. Also includes a nose hook make out scene and some sub-top bondage where a gagged Ella is forced to fuck a helplessly bound Natalie.. Very hot.

Tags: Rope Bondage
Caught and Punished
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Natalie comes home from shopping in plenty of time before her Dom Daddy gets home from work. She has been at the mall and just bought herself an adorable pink and white leotard. She she tries it on and models it in the mirror. She looks so good.. Maybe she has time to play with herself for a minute or two before Daddy comes home..

She sits on the couch and strokes her lady cock through the silky crotch of the leotard. The spandex feels so good against her sensitive skin as she runs her nails over it. She slowly build herself towards an orgasm. A little too slowly..

A large hand falls over Natalie's nose and mouth, holding her head firmly against the back of the couch and cutting off her air. "This is the second time this week I have caught you touching yourself without permission. I guess Ill have to teach you a hard lesson today.." Natalie collapses.

When she opens her eyes again, she is strapped down in the dungeon and ballgagged. Her arms are tied over her head and her legs are frogtied and pulled up and back, leaving her asshole completely exposed. Her cock had been strapped to her belly in inhibit any growth, and her gorgeous leotard has been removed by Daddy and replaced with a satin boned corset that is laced so tightly, she can only take shallow breaths.

She glances frantically around the room. In a few moments Daddy is standing over her. He has a riding crop and some giant freshly lubed anal beads in his hands. He hits her about the inner thighs and ass. She winces as the crop finds its mark again and again on her tender exposed skin. He inserts the beads. Slowly. One at a time. As each one passes up into her tight asshole, she pulls at her bonds and bite down hard on her gag. Once the evil plug is all the way inserted, Daddy stands up and begins hitting her with the crop again. All over her inner legs and around her ass, but also her ripe exposed nipples as well.

After a few moments of this torture, Daddy pulls the beads out quickly. Natalie sighs in relief. "Don't get too comfortable little one. I was just priming you for what comes next.." he smiles.

Natalie's eyes get wide when she sees him fastening the biggest dildo she has onto the arm of the fucking machine. She has never taken that entire thing with any kind of comfort before. She struggles to move up on the bed or to dodge it, but Daddy has done a very good job of securing her in the perfect spot and position to be ass fucked by this huge rubber dick.

He smiles again as he squirts lube all over the head and shaft of the monster dildo. She tries to dodge or move again. Surely the punishment does not fit the crime here! All she did was get a little carried away trying on her dance wear!

He inserts it into her ass and turns it on slowly. The shaft presses in deep and she feels as if she will rip in half. She bites down hard on the ball. He turns it off and on a few times, whipping and toying with her sensitive parts. Then he turns it on and turns it up to 7 out of 10 on the meter. It starts slamming into her rapidly. Now up to 8.. Natalie is now warmed up and getting very excited. rushes to her poor strapped cock, but the strap over the top prevents her from erection. She can feel herself leaking on her belly.

9 out of 10! Natalie's head is spinning. She is about to cum hard. When Daddy sees this he tells her not to cum without permission. She immediately blurts out through her gag "CAN I CUM?!" Daddy tells her "YOU HOLD IT!!"

She is on fire now, trying to hold it back with everything she has. Daddy turns the machine up all the way and begins fiercely whipping her with the crop. "Now CUM!" Natalie explodes with the biggest orgasms she has ever had!

As the machine slows and then stops.. Waves wash over Natalie. She melts into the bed and embraces her bondage. She breathes through her nose as she sucks on her gag. "Goodnight little one. See you in the morning." Daddy leaves her strapped there and shuts the sound proof door behind him.

Tags: Bdsm Dildo Fucking
Strict Hogtied
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

In one of the very first ties I put sexy trans-girl Natalie Mars in, she wanted to try something strict. So I tied her in an extreme hogtie with her elbows tied together and her head harness tied back and filmed her for as long as she could take it. She struggles and tries her best to escape, but she soon finds out is futile.. She is stuck there until someone helps her out!

Tags: Ballgagged Rope Bondage


Natalie Mars is SO PERFECT!! Please give her my best regards.

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