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The Panty Sniffer
Zelda Cross
With Zelda Cross

Curious femboi Zelda sees the neighbor's car pull away and she cautiously approaches the empty house. She knows nobody locks their doors in this neighborhood, and sure enough.. It's open! She carefully lets himself inside and makes his way to the master bedroom. She goes straight to the dresser and begins snooping through the drawers. JACKPOT! She finds the lady of the house's panties, and to her delight, they are all shiny satin!

She pulls out a pair of full bottom satin briefs and holds them up to her waist, imagining how amazing they must feel to wear.. She pulls out another pair, a slinky satin thong.. She smells them and imagines the dress these would look great under. She is so excited and occupied with the treasure trove of panties that she doesn't hear the neighbors car pull back into the driveway.. The neighbor had forgotten his phone and circled back to get it...

He walks up the stairs to his room and he catches Zelda in the drawer red handed, mid-sniff, with his wife's panties!!

"What the hell are you doing?!" he yells at her. "Stand up! Those are my wife's panties! You little pervert!" He is flustered and can't believe what's happening. "Take your clothes off! I am going to teach you a lesson!!"

"Wha-what?" Zelda asks.. Horrified and humiliated at being caught in the act.

"Thats right! You like panties? You want to wear them and be a girl?!"

Zelda looks down ashamed and unsnaps her over-alls. She looks up for his approval. "The shirt too!" he barks at her. Zelda stands there in her boxer briefs. The neighbor hands her a pair of bright blue colored satin panties. "Put these on!"

Zelda slides off her boxers and slowly slides the satin panties up over her thighs. Once they are all the way up he smiles with approval, looking at her silky little package. "There you are. Good girl. I have another surprise for you my dear." He grabs more panties out of the drawer. He stuffs her mouth full of pink panties, then pulls another blue pair over the top of her head. "You want to smell panties? Well here you go!" He takes a roll of duct tape and wraps it around her head, securing the panties over her face, taking special care that the crotch lays over her nose..

"Now then.." he says. You went through the drawers, but you missed this.. He throws a bag of rope on the bed. Zelda looks at him terrified. "Thats right. I am going to tie you up and leave you in here so you can take a good long sniff of those panties!"

Zelda's eyes get wide. He grabs her up and tightly ties her elbows and wrists behind her. Zelda is too terrified to resist. He shoves her face down on the bed and binds her ankles together. "There. Now you can hang out here until my wife gets home later tonite and you can explain this to her." He leaves the room.

Zelda squirms and struggles to get free. This is easily the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to her. Caught and tied up with panties on and over her face?! How would she explain this? What if they told her parents? What if the whole neighborhood found out?!

As she struggles, she can't help but feel extremely excited as well. Her cock is covered by a tiny piece of satin and everytime she pushes her hips forward, it grinds into the bed and feels so good. The panties over her face don't help either. Even tho she is caught, she is getting incredibly turned on. Maybe it's BECAUSE she is caught that she is incredibly turned on..

The neighbor has been gone for a couple of hours now and Zelda is no closer to getting loose. He tied these ropes really well! Zelda has long since given up trying to escape and has instead turned her attention to grinding her hips and moaning loudly.

The neighbor returns. "I guess you're enjoying yourself? I can hear you moaning all the way down the hall you little pervert. And look there.. Someone is hard as a rock in her little blue panties!" He touches her bulge and she lets out a big moan. He smiles. "You little slut.." He grabs some more rope and ties her wrists to her ankles, further pushing her hips forward. He takes the whole drawer or panties and dumps it all over her. "There you go dear. All the panties. All for you.." He leaves her in the room again to lay there helpless. Covered head to toe in satin panties and left to wait out whatever the next humiliation might be.

Tags: Panty Heads Sissy Training
Bound To Cum
Zelda Cross
With Zelda Cross

Sexy Tgirl Zelda Cross is tied spread and helpless on a chair in a silky shiny spandex catsuit. Shiny then pulls out the Hitachi vibrator and takes his time teasing and milking a giant suit-soiling orgasm out of her as she squirms to escape!

Tags: Bound Orgasms Crotchrope Rope Bondage
Manhandled By The Robber
Zelda Cross
With Zelda Cross

Zelda comes home after a long day at the office and plops down on her bed. She removes her high heels and rubs her aching feet. All she can think about is a hot shower and a glass of cab.. What she doesn't realize is that there is a burglar in her house waiting for the moment to strike.. As soon as her back is turned, he pounces on her and wrestles her down. He gags her so she can't scream and then ties her wrists and ankles down to her bed frame. Now spread eagled and completely helpless, he rips open her shirt and gropes her body. She tries to fight him off, but it is no use.. She is securely tied down and helpless. He leaves her for a few moments to finish going through her valuables, and finds something interesting in a drawer.. Her vibrator... He comes back into the room and buzzes her into a humiliating orgasm before leaving her bound to the bed and making his getaway!

Tags: Bound Orgasms Crotchrope Rope Bondage

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