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Models / Roxi Heart

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Wrapped and Strapped
Roxi Heart
Sexy T-girl Roxi Heart submits to a satin encasement mummification bondage. Dressed only in hot pink satin panties, her wrists and ankles are bound with rope and a big pink ball gag is strapped into her mouth. Next she is rolled all up in a satin sheet like a burrito and then strapped up tight with thick leather belts to hold it all together. Satin, when it is thickly layered, can be very unforgiving, as Roxi finds out! She squirms and wiggles on the slippery satin bed trying her best to escape. After several long minutes encased, she admits defeat and has to ask to be released.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bound Encasement Gag Talk
Captured Futa Bound and Teased
Roxi Heart
With Roxi Heart

Sexy futanari escort Roxi is handcuffed, gagged, and bagged, and dragged inside the house. She carefully treads up the stairs, blind and in heels, as he pushes and taunts her from behind. Once upstairs, he ties her neck to the top rail of the canopy bed and pulls off the bag covering her head, revealing her pouty cleave gagged face. He grabs several lengths of rope and begins tying her arms and body, pulling her elbows together tightly behind her and groping her body as he does. He changes out her cleave gag for a big ballgag and removes the handcuffs to bind her wrists. He ties a snug crotchrope around her package and up her ass crack and then releases her down to the bed where he binds her ankles and hogties her. He ties her neckrope to the headboard and grabs the hitachi vibrator. He rubs it on her panties, teasing her until her lady cock is as hard as a rock. He pulls her helpless body down, choking her with her neck rope as he continues teasing her with the vibrator. She nearly comes again and again. She is so horny now and wants so badly to cum for him. The pressure keeps building and building. Finally he tosses the toy underneath her and rolls her hogtied body over on top of it. She thrusts her hips and squirms to get it into the right spot. She really needs this release! Will she get it?..

Tags: Crotchrope Rope Bondage
The Panty Thief
Roxi Heart
Roxi sneaks into her neighbors house through an open window and slips upstairs to the master bedroom. She passes all of the valuables and starts pulling out drawers until she finds what she was looking for.. The lady of the house's panty drawer! She slides it open and peeks inside. Jackpot! Rows of amazing folded satin panties.. All there for the taking! Just then the door opens.. "What are you doing in here?! How did you get in here?! What are you doing in my panty drawer?!".. These are all answers Roxi had better come up with quick! The woman moves towards Roxi and grabs the panties out of her hand. "Here, since you like these so much.. put them on!!"  Roxi is frozen with fear and does what the woman asks.. Now standing there wearing the woman's panties, the woman begins to laugh.. "Just look at you.. Such a pretty girl you are. My husband is on his way home and he's going to show you what happens to disgusting panty thieves.." She grabs some rope and ties Roxi's wrists behind her and shoves her onto the bed. She grabs more rope and ties Roxi's ankles. Now Roxi is helpless on the bed and awaiting what comes next.. The woman's husband comes home and looks confused. "Well what have we here?" "A disgusting perverted panty thief." The wife replies. "I made her put some on and then tied her up so you could properly punish her for breaking in here." The husband looks down at the trembling thief.. "So you like panties, eh?" He says smugly.. "Well here you go!" He dumps the entire drawer of satin panties onto her. Before Roxi can make a sound he grabs one of the pairs and shoves it into her mouth and then wraps tape around her face to keep it in place. He grabs another pair and pulls it up over her face and head and tapes them on as well. "Now don't you look ridiculous!" he jokes at her. He grabs more rope and re-ties her legs into a frogtie and wrenches her elbows together before tying them tightly behind her. He grabs his wife's Hitachi vibrator. "Time to teach you a lesson little girl.."

Tags: Blindfolded Bound Orgasms Cock Tease Damsel In Distress
Futa Doll Bound Orgasms
Roxi Heart
Gorgeous Tgirl Roxi Heart submits to a very strict and sensory deprived bondage predicament. Wearing a bright golden spandex zentai catsuit, she is tightly corsetted. Next she is told to clench her hands into fists, and then heavy vinyl electrical tape is wrapped around to keep them bound up in tight little balls. Leather cuffs are added to her wrists and padlocked in place. Her mouth is stuffed with a giant sponge ball and then a piece of tape is applied directly over her mouth. The spandex hood is pulled up over her face and zipped. A heavy leather posture collar is added to keep her chin up. Now more tape is tightly wrapped around her hooded face, both over the mouth and the eyes. The sensory deprivation sets in immediately. Her hands are pulled behind her back and padlocked to a chain that has been carefully wrapped around the stiff posture collar, keeping her arms locked up and out of the way. A thick leather strap is pulled tightly around her torso and arms, keeping everything in a nice tight package behind her. She gets groped and fondled throughout the entire process and her cock is starting to throb and bulge through the spandex. She is guided over to the bed and told to kneel on the mattress. She is rigged up in a kneeling position inside the frame and her legs are belted in a frogtied position and anchored to either side. Now completely helpless, blind, and at his mercy.. He pinches her nipples to see her thrash around a bit. He takes his time edging and teasing her with the Hitachi vibrator building her up to several fierce orgasms. Once he has had his fun, he tells her he is going to leave her there to cool off for a few hours before he comes back to milk some more orgasms out of her. The poor used up futa doll hangs there helplessly awaiting his return.

Tags: Belt Bound Blindfolded Bound Orgasms Catsuit
Manhandled By The Robber Part 2
Roxi Heart
With Roxi Heart

Next, poor tormented Roxi is given a catsuit to put on. At first she refuses, but the intruder is very persuasive, and soon she is covered head to toe in a shiny spandex "slave suit". He takes some leather belts and straps her arms tightly together behind her, gags her with a large leather panel style ballgag, and drags her upstairs for some playtime.

He pushes her down onto her bed, and, sitting on her legs.. He straps up her squirming body, groping and fondling her with his leather gloved hands. Roxi's fight is getting weaker. Not because she is tired, but because she is getting so heavily excited. Not only are her struggles subsiding, she is getting visibly excited as well.. Her lady cock is now rock hard and very pronounced in the shiny lycra.

The intruder pulls her legs up behind her and hogties her. He ties her panel gag back to her ankles as well and tightens it until she is in an extremely tight and inescapable back arch. Now with her completely helpless and unable to look down at what he's doing to her, he runs his heavy hands all over her squirming body. She moans and whimpers as he gets to the more sensitive areas. He asks her if she likes this and she excitedly replies in the affirmative.

"Well now.. what will we do with you next?" he says as he caresses her hair. He leaves her strapped there while he puts together another diabolical predicament for her.

Tags: Crotchrope Groping Leather Gloves Spandex
Manhandled By the Robber Part 1
Roxi Heart
With Roxi Heart

Sweet innocent Roxi comes home after another day of work. She enters her home and sets down her purse and before she makes it to the couch, she is grabbed by a robber! He wrestles her down and ties her up tight on the couch. One she is tied, he leaves her there to struggle while he finishes going through her things.

After a while he returns to find her very much how he left her, still tightly tied and trying furiously to escape. He rolls her off onto the floor and hogties her. "Now that I'm finished robbing you, we can play around a little.." he says while groping her with his black leather gloves. She squirms and tries to get away, but to no avail. He pulls down her skirt and lingerie.. "What do we have here? You have a little surprise in your panties girl.." he says as he notices her lady cock rising to the occasion and leaking. "Well well well.." He smiles. Looks like I might spent some extra time her with you today.. He throws her a spandex catsuit that he had found in her closet. "Here.. Put his on.."

-Continued in part 2!

Tags: Ballgagged Crotchrope Rope Bondage
Silky Doll Helpless and Cumming
Roxi Heart
With Roxi Heart

Sexy T-girl Roxi Heart is dressed head to toe in silky silver spandex and hot pink fishnets. A sponge ball is placed into her mouth and then layered over with microfoam tape. A matching spandex hood is pulled down over the whole thing and a leather collar is strapped and locked on to keep it all together.

Next her hands are clenched are covered in pink spandex mittens so she can't open them, and leather cuffs are locked onto her wrists and then padlocked behind her back. A thick leather strap is added around her shoulders, her hands are puller up and chained in a folded "boxtie" position, and another thick leather strap is banded around her arms and torso, keeping it all locked together in a tight little package.

Next she is commanded to get up onto the bed and told to kneel, where more thick leather straps are added around her legs, binding her thighs to her shins in a "frogtie" position. She is already leaking pre cum through her suit. Now completely helpless and mostly sensory deprived, she struggles for a moment to see just how 'stuck' she really is.

A few moments later she is placed in the center of the bed on her back laying on top of her arms. Rope cinchers are added and pulled tight, locking her down to the bed with her legs spread wide apart and her collar anchored up above to the headboard. She is felt up and groped as she tries to struggle and get away from his leather gloved hands. finally, he grabs the Hitachi vibrator and brings her to several cock exploding orgasms inside her suit. When he stops, she begs for more like a good little slut.

Tags: Bound Orgasms Crotchrope Encasement Leather Gloves

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