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Models / Korra Del Rio

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Korra Del Rio Updates

Leotard Slut Bound and Buzzed
Korra Del Rio
Gorgeous porn queen Korra Del Rio hasn't been tied up for quite some time and she is very excited to be getting into some ropes today! Wearing a silky thong leotard and sleek spandex leggings, Shiny ties her up nice and tight. First a crotchrope, then welding her arms behind her and binding her touching elbows, and then frog-tying her on her knees. A giant ballgag is added and she is left to struggle and feel out her bonds. Shiny comes back after a few moments with a vibrator and and plays with her a bit before making her cum through her layers of spandex!

Tags: Ballgagged bimbo Bound Orgasms Cock Tease
Satin Slut Strung Up and Cumming
Korra Del Rio
Sexy Korra Del Rio gets rousted from her bed in the middle of the night by a man in a mask! He easily overpowers her and takes her away to his dungeon lair where he strings her up by her wrists. He ties her feet wide apart and then runs a rope around her waist and down through her ass crack and out between her thighs. He pulls the rope tight and anchors it in front of her, yanking her hips forward and pulling her up onto her tippy toes. Now that she is completely wide open and helpless, he touches all over her body, admiring her silky lingerie and stockings. Whats this?! Her sexy cock stiffens as he touches her and sprouts through the top of her satin panties. He squeezes it tightly and she moans softly through her ball gag.. He grabs a vibrator and takes a juicy orgasm from her engorged clitty. She likes this a lot.. What a dirty little slut she is..

Tags: Ballgagged bimbo Bound Orgasms Cock Tease
The Secretary Part 3
Korra Del Rio
In our final part, sexy Korra (having just cum from the vibrator) is carefully cuffed and laid on her belly for a nice hogtie. Rope cinchers are used to pull up her ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, and head harness back and up into a nice arch. With everything padlocked and pulled tight, she is truly helpless! As Shiny pulls down her satin panties and fondles her with his soft leather gloves, she squirms and moans, lifting her hips up from the table to show off her sexy cock underneath.

Tags: Cock Tease Domination Groping Hand Job
The Secretary Part 2
Korra Del Rio
Gorgeous TS Korra is now sat up on the table and her arms are locked at her sides. Her legs are spread and cuffed apart, and her shirt is unbuttoned, revealing her huge gorgeous tits. Shiny uses the riding crop and slaps her thighs and her cock with it through her panties, then he grabs the Hitatchi vibrator and vibes the head of her cock.. She moans and squirms against the pole she is fastened to, but cannot escape the overpowering urge to cum!

Tags: Bdsm Bound Orgasms Cock Tease Domination
The Secretary Part 1
Korra Del Rio
Sexy TS Korra is bound and busy dusting the house for her Sir when she knocks something valuable off of the bookshelf. As she tries to bend down to pick it up with her bound arms, her tiny mini skirt flies up around her waist, exposing her satin thong panties. Sir just happened to be walking by as this happens. "Korra?! Look at you! All disheveled and dropping things? Get up and come here." Korra knows that He is not pleased and will punish her. He gives her a couple of smart slaps on her ass and grabs her tits through her shirt. She moans through her gag. He pulls her over to the spanking table and bends her over it. He grabs a pair of handcuffs and fastens her collar down, keeping her in place so He can properly spank her. With every slap on Korra's warm bottom, she remembers why she loves being in His service. When He's finished, he releases her collar from the table. He notices Korra's cock is leaking through her panties, so he pulls it out and fondles it with his leather gloves. Korra's eyes roll back and she gets rock hard. He tells her to sit up on the table. Since she has been so good taking her punishment, he has a treat for her.. (In part 2..)

Tags: Bdsm Cock Tease Domination Groping
Domme Gets Owned
Korra Del Rio
Sexy TS Domme Korra Del Rio starts off the video in full control. Dressed in her sexy mesh catsuit, corset and stiletto Pleaser boots, she commands obedience.. But what happens when the slave overpowers her and ties her all up in her own dungeon?!.. and then gags her?.. and then unzips the crotch of her catsuit?.. and then jacks her off until she shoots her load all over?! Poor Korra goes from steaming mad Domme to tormented depleted kitten in about 16 minutes...

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms
Valentine's Bondage Doll
Korra Del Rio
Sexy Korra Del Rio lays on the bed and invites you to play with her. She is wrapped up in a silky pink zentai suit and then layered from head to toe with luxurious nylon rope.. Quite the Valentine's Day treat! Once tied up nice and tight, she squirms and twists in the satin sheets, moaning in ecstasy. The perfect bondage doll!

Tags: Catsuit Crotchrope Encasement Groping

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