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Models / Jessica Doll

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The Reformatory Part 2
Jessica Doll
With Jessica Doll

Now that Jessica's papers are in order, it's time for her to get ready for bed. She is brought into the bathroom and her handcuffs are removed. She is handed some satin lingerie and fishnet stockings to change into, and given 5 minutes to complete the task.

When she comes out of the bathroom, she is lead upstairs to the bedroom with a hand on her throat. She is thrown onto the bed and told to put her hands behind her. The headmaster crosses her wrists and ties them up tightly before moving to her ankles. As she looks over at the pump gag he intends to use on her, she tells him he is not putting that in her mouth. At the same time she manages to kick out of the ankle rope he's tying! She runs past him, out of the room, down the stairs, and tries to open the door to get out. He calmly walks down, grabs her again by the throat, and reminds the silly girl the doors are always locked here. With that, he bends down and scoops her up off of her feet and carries her back up the stairs to the bedroom.

Now a bit perturbed, the headmaster again begins to tie her. Tightly. "Run from me will you? I will show you what we do about that.." he says as he tugs the rope up between her legs and ties it off, trapping her lady cock in a satin prison underneath the panties. When he's finished tying her upper body, again he sits her on the bed. He grabs the pump gag, shoves the bulb into her mouth, straps it in place, and gives her a quick couple of pumps to show her who is boss. He lays her down and ties her legs very tightly together from her crotch down to her ankles. He grabs a chain and locks her to the headboard by her collar. He grabs a leg shackle and clicks it around her ankle before attaching it to the footboard. "Now this is how you will rest!" he barks at her. "But first.." he runs his hands over her helpless body.. "A little fun."

Her eyes get wide as he grabs the vibrator wand. He takes turns pumping up her gag until she can't breath and starts to panic, and then releasing the pressure.. While he does this, he smashes the head of the vibrator into the straining satin bulge in her panties. He brings her right to the edge of an orgasm several times, punishing her for her disobedience. When he feels he has done enough, he leaves her there to rest for the night. He has more big plans for her tomorrow!

Tags: Crotchrope Rope Bondage
The Reformatory Part 1
Jessica Doll
With Jessica Doll

Incorrigible Jessica Doll has been sent to The Reformatory by her master who is getting sick of her bratty behavior..

The doorbell rings and Jessica is standing there in a heavy jacket and scarf.. She is brought inside and the outer layers are stripped away to reveal a fully bound, gagged, and blindfolded t-girl! "I see you were properly packaged my dear.." the headmaster says as he inspects the goods. He lifts her skirt to reveal that she is wearing satin panties underneath her skirt, and surprise! Her lady cock is swollen and hard. She is obviously enjoying the treatment. "Have a seat here on the sofa while I finish up your paperwork." He guides her to the couch and then crosses her ankles and binds them. "Now you stay out of trouble until I come for you."

Jessica is there against her wishes. She does not feel that she needs any "reformation".. She defiantly struggles, kicks, and throws herself onto the floor, desperately trying to get free. It is no use. She is bound extremely well in tight jute rope.

After a few moments, the headmaster re-enters and tells her her paperwork is finished, and she is officially committed to his care. He leans in over her. "Oh we are going to have such fun with you here over the next day or 2. It's time to clean you up and get you ready for bed." He reaches down and puts his hands all over her. She struggles and moans, but they are moans of ecstasy.. She leaks into her panties. "Yeah this slut is enjoying this a little too much.." he thinks to himself.. Maybe a full night of tight bondage while she rests is what she needs this evening..

Tags: Crotchrope Panel Gagged Rope Bondage Stockings
The Reformatory Part 3
Jessica Doll
With Jessica Doll

In the final chapter, Jessica is made to dress in a full spandex slave suit and meet in the dungeon. She is placed on her knees on the bed and strapped into place. "Are you ready for you last day of treatment, dear?" He asks her. "Yes Sir." she compliantly replies. Her arms are locked behind her and her hips and waist are tied and hoisted forward, leaving her in a very vulnerable position. A giant sponge ball is inserted into her mouth and pushed all the way to the back of her throat until she begins to gag on it. Tape is wrapped across her mouth in a cleave style to hold pressure on the sponge. After a couple of wraps around the head like that, the rest of her mouth is wrapped as well to prevent any chance of spitting out the packing. "There we go.. Dear.. Can you spit that out?" She shakes her head.

Now a matching spandex hood is placed over her head and she immediately becomes docile. He runs his fingertips over her spandex suit and she shivers.. Her sense of touch now heightened from the deprivation of the hood.

"Good dear.. Now lets see how you do with this.." He pulls out the Hitachi and plugs it in. He touches it to her lady cock and she comes to life! He plays with her, edging and denying her over and over. She dances back and forth like a little slut, trying to get more of the vibes. "You want this?" he asks.. She moans and begs for it. He sticks the vibe to her sensitive spot, just under where shaft meets head.. She cums hard and shudders.. She collapses in relief. "You like that?" Again she moans. "We're not done here dear.." He smashes the vibrator into the head of her extra sensitive dripping lady cock and holds it in place! The overstimulation makes her go mad. Now she tries everything she can to avoid the wand! "I thought this was what you wanted!" he sneers with a smile, following her dodges with unwavering precision. She screams as loud as she can, but the gag stifles it almost completely. "Beg! Beg me to stop!" Jessica begs and pleads thru the gag.. "MMMPPPHHHHFFFFF MMPPFFHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

After a few long minutes of screaming cock torture, he pulls the Hitachi away and sets it down. Poor Jessica slumps and tries to catch her breath thru the hood. "I think your training has gone very well dear. It appears our time together is at a close." He removes the hood and unwraps the tape from her face. She is destroyed. He asks "SO.. Have you learned your lesson?" As she spits the giant sponge out, she looks into is eyes.. "Yes Sir. I will be good from now on.." "Good!" he replies.. "I don't think you want to be made to suffer like this again, do you?" N-no Sir. I'll be good."

"Good girl, Jessica."

Tags: Cock Tease Tapegagged