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Models / Janie Blade

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Janie Blade- Suspended Buttfuck
Janie Blade
Sexy Janie Blade gets securely tied with lots of rope and then hoisted up! I slide the dangerous end of a fucking machine underneath her helpless asshole and lube it up for action. I turn it on slowly at first, readjusting the angle and the depth until I get it just right.. Then.. I turn it up and watch her howl over her leather panel gag! The piston is merciless as it smashes her poor prostate over and over! Janie is helpless to escape it.. Dangling there getting pounded with a big rubber cock!

Tags: Bound Orgasms Dildo Fucking Domination Groping
Janie Blade- Panty Sniffer Punished
Janie Blade
Mischievous Janie Blade watches as the neighbor lady drives off to go to work. Janie has had her eye on her, and would love to sniff this woman's panties.. Maybe now's her chance! She sneaks in through the back gate and peers through the windows looking to make sure they're gone and the house is empty. She gets to the back door, and surprisingly, they forgot to lock it! She slips in and starts to snoop around. She finds the laundry room. Jackpot! Within the hamper she finds a pile of the lady of the house's dirty satin panties! She grabs a handful, puts them to her face.. and inhales. They smell so good! She can almost taste her.. Just then.. The neighbor lady's husband walks in the doorway. "What the hell are you doing with my wife's underwear?!" he beams. Janie is caught red handed. She can't help but smile and try to be cute about it. He looks furious.. "I can't believe this! Aren't you our NEIGHBOR?" he looks her over. "Well.. Hmmm.. My wife IS gone for the afternoon.. And I have an idea for you panty sniffer!.. or should I just call the police instead?.." Janie looks at him frightened and shakes her head no. "Ok then.. Get naked." he commands. Janie takes her clothes off quickly. Next he tells her "Put those panties on!" Janie pulls the satin panties up her legs and over her cock and then looks at him for her next order. "Turn around!" he says as he pulls off his belt and wraps it around her wrists. He takes another pair of panties from the bin. "Here we go.." He pulls the panties up and over her head, with the crotch portion right over her nose. "These ones are extra dirty.. I think she wore these to the gym yesterday." Janie moans in ecstasy, trying to hide how much she loves it. "Stay here for a moment." he barks. He leaves her there and walks into the next room. In a hot second he returns and shoves a ballgag into her mouth over the top of the panties. "There. That should keep those panties on your face." He grabs her by the arm, and tells her to follow him. He pulls her into the living room where he has set up a chair with a huge hard dildo on the seat. Janie's eyes get wide and she tries to pull away. "Now sit!" he commands, while he lubes up the enormous cock. Janie squats down and he guides her onto the toy, impaling her as she sits her body weight down on it. Janie squeals! Its so big!! He pulls her bound arms over the chair back and belts her down to the seat with heavy leather straps. "There.. Now you're not going anywhere, are ya?" he jokes. Janie tries to struggling and push the cock out, but she is securely fastened down to the chair and can't to much more than wiggle a bit.. which only drives the toy in deeper! Janie moans and whines. She is helpless, and her own cock is beginning to betray her.. Harder and harder it gets as she sits there squirming and smelling the panties on her face. When it's huge and hard he grabs the lube again.. "Well what do we have here, neighbor?.. Looks like someone joined the party!" he laughs. He slops her dick with the lube and strokes it up and down. "You like that do ya?" Janie moans and squirms some more.. All of her secret fantasies playing out to the max! He takes out a vibrator wand and starts shoving it on all of her most sensitive parts... Janie howls! He spends the afternoon teasing and denying her orgasms, reminding her of why it's wrong to break into peoples homes. 

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bound Butt Plug Cock Tease