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Models / Erica Cherry

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Red Scorpion Caught and Vibed
Erica Cherry
Sexy Red Scorpion infiltrates the villain's lair and is immediately captured and strapped to a chair! The villain teases her cock with a vibrator and interrogates her to see which organization has sent her.. Will Red Scorpion break under the torment.. or will removing the amazing toy when she's about to cum make her talk?.. Tune in to find out!

Tags: Belt Bound Bound Orgasms Catsuit Cock Tease
Goodnite Erica
Erica Cherry
As the video starts Erica is strapped down tightly on the bed and gagged in her silky purple catsuit. Shiny comes in and torments her helpless cock with the hitachi vibrator until she is hard as a rock and very turned on, and then he tells her 'Goodnite', turns out the light, and leaves her there to suffer the night in bondage.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bound Catsuit Cock Tease
Helpless and Cumming
Erica Cherry
Gorgeous T-girl Erica Cherry wearing a very tight (and revealing) purple spandex catsuit is helplessly strapped up on her knees and milked with a hitatchi vibrator until she cums hard all over the inside of her suit!

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bound Bound Orgasms Catsuit
Silky Secretary Tied and Vibed
Erica Cherry
Sexy captive Erica Cherry is brought into the video hooded, gagged, and high her hands tied behind her. She is tormented and fondled, and progressively hogtied tightly. Microfoam tape is wrapped around her head, pushing the ballgag deep into her mouth and preventing her from making too much noise. Her skirt is removed and she is vibed through her silky satin panties. After awhile the panties are pulled down revealing her huge cock and she is vibed again while she squirms helplessly on the ground!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Damsel In Distress Domination
Red Scorpion Interrogated
Erica Cherry
The Red Scorpion has been captured and is awaiting interrogation from the evil villain. She is tied spread eagle and dangles there helplessly until he arrives. Once there, he fondles and gropes her helpless body while he prods her for intel about her weaknesses.. She resists as long as she can, but the villain is truly diabolical. He chairties her and pulls her giant cock out of her leotard. He lubes it up and strokes it until she is howling.. Still won't talk, eh? Next he brings out the Hitachi wand with the silicone sleeve! He lubes it up, slides it over her massive cock, and turns it on. This is some real torment! She convulses and writhes in ecstasy! Will she give him the information he wants?!

Tags: Bdsm Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms Cock Tease
Ass Plugged and Shootin' Ropes
Erica Cherry
Gorgeous T-girl Erica Cherry submits to some bound orgasm fun. Shiny ties her arms tightly behind her and tells her to bend over the table for a surprise. She is all smiles when he pulls out the huge metal jeweled butt plug and the lube. He pulls her silky panties to the side and inserts a finger, and then the plug into her ass. He gives her a few nice stingy swats on the butt and then she sits on her plug. Shiny grabs a ball gag and straps it into her mouth and then lubes up Erica's massive cock. He strokes her until she becomes rock hard and then he grabs the vibrator and holds it in place under the head of her lady cock. After a moment or two, she knows she is going to cum.. And cum she does! She launches up off the table and shoots a giant load all over her belly! "That's a good girl.." 

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Butt Plug Cum Shot
The Red Scorpion
Erica Cherry
This was a custom video submission. Sexy superheroine Red Scorpion enters the villains hideout. What she doesnt realize is that she has walked right into a trap! The villain buzzes her and then takes her to his secret lair where there is no doors, no windows, no escape! Red Scorpion is stripped, tied down to a table in the secret lair, and gagged. (Off camera) Her legs are strapped wide apart and her lady cock and balls have been tied up tight and fastened up out of the way for full use of her gorgeous asshole. She comes to and struggles hard. The villain enters and explains that she is his prisoner now and that there is no chance of escape. He lubes up her exposed asshole and slides a vibrator into place. His plan.. is to leave her there impaled and suffering for the whole day! Will she be able to escape his evil lair?! Will she even want to escape after the vibrator does its evil work?!

Tags: Bdsm Belt Bound Boot Fetish Butt Plug
Silky Encasement Struggles
Erica Cherry
Sexy Tgirl Erica Cherry loves to wear tight catsuits, but has never been tied up in one. She slips into a silky silver spandex catsuit and satin corset and I begin to tie her up in graphite nylon rope. As I'm grabbing the rope, I notice she has a huge leaking erection. I take a length of rope and tie a nice crotch rope around it to frame it in and keep pressure in the right spots. I ask her if she is ok and she mentions how much she loves to be tied. I tie her upper body and tell her to get on the bed. She sits on the at the foot of the bed. I shove a giant sponge ball into her mouth and wrap her face in layers of microfoam tape. I push her down and tie her legs in a frogtie position. Now dressed in a layer of thick spandex and wrapped tightly in neatly layered rope, I sit back and watch her writhe in ecstasy on the bed. Her silky spandex glides along the satin. She struggles and grinds her lady cock against the ropes and moans. I leave her to it. After some time I come back in to check on her. I watch her struggle and moan while I grab the hitachi vibrator and approach the bed. I hold her down by her throat with one hand. I run my other hand down her silky bound body. I put the vibrator on her cock and her eyes roll back in her head as she sinks into the mattress. When she gets close to cumming she starts squirming and convulsing. I pull it away and tease her with it. Finally, denied her orgasms, I flip her over and give her some spankings before I leave her there.

Tags: Catsuit Crotchrope Domination Groping

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