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Models / Rachael Belle

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Daphne In Danger Part 2
Rachael Belle
Sexy Daphne is a bit more agreeable in this video. Liking the way the ropes felt, she entices the villain to tie her up again, this time in her leotard costume variant. She poses in the silky spandex for a few moments and then submits to the villains bag of rope. He ties her up nice and tight, including a boxtie and crotchrope (framing her large leaky package).. He ballgags her and leaves her to struggle and roll around in the satin sheets. After a few moments, he returns with a wand vibrator and vibes her lady cock as she writhes and moans through her gag.. Daphne is definitely in no hurry for the gang to rescue her this time!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Cock Tease Cosplay
Daphne In Danger
Rachael Belle
Daphne and the gang decide to split up to search the haunted mansion.. While investigating the main hall, she is grabbed by The Phantom Ghost! Poor big-breasted damsel Daphne now chairtied and cleave/ball gagged struggles and moans for help! In the next scene, she is frogtied and rolling around on the floor with her skirt up, helplessly flashing her crotch for all to see!

Tags: Ballgagged bimbo Cosplay Damsel In Distress
Sissy Maid Plugged, Tied, and Vibed
Rachael Belle
Now in part 2, sexy sissy Rachael is lead into the bedroom still gagged with her wrists tied behind her. She is released and told to strip off her satin sissy dress down to her satin lingerie underneath. She does as she is told and then Sir pulls down her panties to inspect her cage and buttplug. He removes the cage, telling her he has plans for her cock, and then pushes her buttplug in and out a few times and spanks her on it. She moans with delight. He grabs some rope and ties a tight crotchrope over the top of the plug. He ties her wrists to her thighs and then tightly binds her upper torso. She is commanded to get up on the bed where he ties her legs together at the thighs, above and below the knees, and ankles. He fastens her feet to the footboard and then ties off her upper body to the headboard. Now lying fully helpless with her arms at her sides, he again adds the ballgag. He gropes her gorgeous body as she slowly writhes underneath his leather gloves. He reaches into the drawer and pulls out a toy. It's something she has never seen before. He explains that its a new vibrator that attaches to her cock near the tip. He places it on her hard cock and turns it on. It is very intense and poor Rachael jumps from the stimulation! She pulls hard at the ropes, but it is no use. She can't move and she can't get that vibrator off of her sensitive cock. What's more? That crotchrope is tightening as she struggles and wedging that giant buttplug further up into her aching asshole! She feels the cum bubbling inside, wanting to come out.. But no! She can't cum without permission! What will she do?

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Butt Plug Chastity
Sissy Maid Bound and Plugged
Rachael Belle
Gorgeous sissy maid Rachael Belle dusts Sir's bookshelf while in bondage. The spreader bar and posture collar make the job much more difficult than it should be, but that is why she is so happy doing it. She waddles around hobbled with her ankles chained together in impossibly tall heels trying to make Sir happy. When Sir enters he is pretty pleased, but points out a few spots she may have missed just to watch her bend over and see up her skirt. And what's up her skirt? Silky satin panties barely covering her tightly caged cock. Sir knows that bondage and sissy clothes make Rachael excited.. So he has made sure her poor cock can't get hard under there. He asks her if she is ready for him to insert her buttplug and she nods yes. He walks her over to the counter and tells her to bend over it. He gives her perfect ass a couple of swats to get her attention before sliding her panties over and lubing up her largest plug. He pushes the toy in slowly and gently, making sure not to rush it and risk injuring her delicate butthole. Once firmly inserted, he replaces her panties and stands her up straight. He pulls out a hard stool and commands her to sit on her plug. He goprs her perfect tits through her dress and she thanks him. Next he grabs some rope and firmly ties her entire body tightly on the stool. Now she is planted on her plug with no way to get off of it. Her poor cock strains in her cage, trying in inflate. He tells her to rock back and forth on the plug, wedging it in deeper. He removes her ballgag so he can hear her moaning. He asks her if she is HIS little sissy slut, to which she replies "Oh yes sir!"

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Butt Plug Chastity

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