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Models / Natalie Mars

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Natalie Mars Vital Stats:

Trans girl, porn star, anal size queen and all around filthy piggy.

Natalie Mars Updates

Cam Girl Chairtied and Humiliated
Natalie Mars
Sexy Tgirl Natalie Mars is setting up her camera and lights to do her cam show for the evening. Little does she know, there is someone already in the house that is about to de-rail her show.. A crazed fan has tracked down where she lives and is waiting for the right moment to pounce! Natalie finishes setting up her gear and presses record on the camera. She sits backwards on a chair and begins rubbing on herself and getting aroused. She caresses her sides and ass while keeping eye contact with the camera over her shoulder. She is transfixed and doesn't notice the intruder until she sees him on screen with her through the viewfinder! She jumps and screams, but it's too late! He wrestles her down right in the middle of her cam show. He decides that they are going to give her fans something a little more spicy tonite. He ties her arms behind her and ties her to the ceiling by her neck. Now she's not going anywhere. He repositions her camera to get all of the coming action for her fans. Next he pulls down her satin panties and exposes her cock, which is beginning to stiffen. He puts her smelly panties over her face with the crotch over her nose and mouth. Natalie is trying to fight and pretend like she doesn't like this treatment, but when someone acts out your deepest darkest fantasy on you.. You might let it play out a while.. He grabs a giant ballgag and shoves it into her mouth over the panties. Now bound and gagged, he runs his hands all over her, groping her little titties and fondling her exposed cock. He sits her down on her chair and grabs more rope. He ties her in place with her legs spread wide. Again he gropes and fondles her on front of the camera. Natalie is getting off on the public humiliation she is receiving. When the intruder is finished rubbing all over her, he tells her she is much prettier in person. He removes her gag and the drool-soaked panties and leaves her there, still tied to the chair. Natalie is going to have to plead to her fans and also give out her address publicly if she is going to get released from her bonds!! Hopefully whoever gets there first will be as nice to her as the intruder was!

Tags: Ballgagged Cock Tease Damsel In Distress Domination
Chaste Slave Part 2
Natalie Mars
After being forced to stand and suffer in her stiletto boots and tiny cruel chastity cage, Natalie is allowed to sit down on a stool. Her Master isn't going easy on her just yet.. Her legs are crushed together with her cage lodged uncomfortably in between her inner thighs, and the they are tightly strapped together and down to the stool. Her knees and ankles are also belted together and fastened to the foot rest. Once again the "D" ring of her gag is chained up to the ceiling to keep her posture straight. Her predicament has changed, but it is no less cruel! She sits there on display with her poor nuts and cock cage smashed and neglected, while she futilely tries to struggle in the tight leather straps.

Tags: Bdsm Belt Bound Blindfolded Catsuit
Chaste Slave Part 1
Natalie Mars
Gorgeous naked Natalie Mars slowly puts on her slave costume. First the mesh catsuit, pulling it up and sorting out the silky wrinkles. Next she unzips the crotch and pulls out her cock. She fits a ring around her package, locks a very small chastity cage in place, and hands her Dom the key. She pulls on a special thong panty that cradles her caged cock perfectly. Next she puts on her sleek PVC stiletto boots and her satin opera gloves. Master steps in and adds a corset, pulling it extra tight before tying it off. A leather panel gag is strapped over her head and a posture collar is fitted around her neck. Leather cuffs are padlocked around her wrists and upper arms and her arms are folded up behind her and locked in place. Wide leather belts are strapped around her torso and cinched down, framing her upper body into a nice tight package. A leash is attached to her collar, and she is pulled to blindly follow her master. Down the stairs she is carefully guided until they get under an anchor point in the ceiling. He removes her leash and attaches the top ring of her harness gag to the hanging chain. Once shes secure and standing at full attention, he adds more leather straps around her legs at the thighs, knees, and ankles. Now she is completely helpless and on display for him. The feeling of being used as a sexy decoration excites her. The fact that he locked her in place and left her hanging there excites her. The more excited she becomes, the more snug her tightly nested chastity cage becomes.. How long will she be left there to suffer?

Tags: Bdsm Belt Bound Blindfolded Catsuit
Schoolgirl Tricked Into Bondage
Natalie Mars
Natalie skips cheerfully up to the door of the next house. She has been having a record day of cookie sales and she has a good feeling about this house. A man opens the door and she goes through her cookie routine. He says "Come right in!" with a large smile.. He ties Natalie up very tight and ballgags her (off camera). Then he sits back and watches her struggling and pleading to be released.

Tags: Ballgagged Damsel In Distress Gag Talk Rope Bondage
Slave Girl Encasement
Natalie Mars
A sexy hooded Natalie Mars poses for the camera sensually. She is dressed head to toe in a shiny mesh catsuit with latex accessories. Her lady cock is encased in a chastity cage and pulled through the crotch zipper of the catsuit, and barely covered by a g-string pouch panty. Shiny enters and gags Natalie with a leather panel gag which completely covers her mouth and padlocks the strap behind her head. Theres no getting this off! Next she sits on the counter as Shiny slides a mummy sack up her legs and body. She wiggles her arms into the internal sleeves of the sack and Shiny zips it up and over her head. She lays down on the counter and with her already helpless, he straps wide, tight leather belts around her body and legs to keep her snug. This is A LOT of layers of encasement already and Natalie is beginning to panic. Shiny finished her off by chaining her down at the neck and ankles so she can't sit up and unzipping her nipple and crotch. Her satin covered chastity cage pokes up through the hole and Shiny gives it a few good knocks so he knows he's still got her attention.. Natalie is 100% helpless and laying there. He tells her he will be back in the morning to check up on her. Will Natalie be able to last through the night like this?! She doesn't have much of a choice..

Tags: Bdsm Belt Bound Catsuit Chastity
Slave Girl Strappado
Natalie Mars
A sexy hooded Natalie Mars poses for the camera sensually. She is dressed head to toe in a shiny mesh catsuit with latex accessories. Her lady cock is encased in a chastity cage and pulled through the crotch zipper of the catsuit, and barely covered by a g-string pouch panty. Shiny enters and places a huge ballgag in the mouth opening of her latex hood, pressing her lips apart and smashing them into a "pouty" position.The he begins strapping her into a tight leather armbinder. He attaches a chain from the top of her head harness ballgag, runs it to a hook in the ceiling, and back down to her wrists, pulling her up into a strappado. She is asked to spread her legs wide apart and then a spreader bar is locked between her ankles. Now bent over with legs spread wide, a chain is hooked to her collar, pulled down through her belt loop, and anchored to the spreader bar. Natalie is now completely helpless in a very seductive and suggestive position. Her poor legs shake and drool runs out of her gagged mouth as she waits for what might come next!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bound Catsuit
A Date With Destiny
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Trans girl escort Natalie Mars shows up at the house of a new client. He seems like a legit guy, and came highly recommended from a trusted source. She shows up for the date and introduces herself. She sees that he has a drink already poured for her on the bar and she helps herself. A few moments later, she feels a little strange..

She comes to and she is tied to a chair. She struggles to get free, calling him a psycho and switching between asking and telling him to untie her. When he has had his fill of her mouth, he stuffs a giant ballgag in it and straps it tight. He ties her legs apart and exposes her pink satin panties. He unbuttons her blouse as well and gropes her titties. She shakes back and forth furiously, drooling all over her chest. What will he do with poor Natalie now that she is helpless?

Tags: Ballgagged Rope Bondage
Self Bondage Gone Wrong Part 1
Natalie Mars
With Natalie Mars

Sexy Natalie puts on her favorite silky spandex leotard and leggings and heads into the living room for a little stretch. Her boyfriend won't be home until later that evening, so she is going to limber up and then get out her toy box for a fun little day of self bondage.

Once her stretching is finished, she heads upstairs to her bedroom. She pulls a heavy box out of the closet containing all of her handcuffs, shackles, chains, and padlocks, and dumps it out in the bed. She starts by wrapping a length of chain around her waist, running it up between her legs, and padlocking it to a pair of handcuffs in the back, leaving them there to dangle for now. Next she grabs her biggest diameter black ballgag and straps it tightly into her mouth, making sure she can't spit it out. She sits down and fastens some shackles around her ankles, clicks them tight, and kicks her feet to test them. She stands and fastens another length of chain around her neck like a collar and leash, and padlocks it in place. She walks around to the far side of the bed and attaches the other end of her neck chain to a steel loop in the floor with a padlock. She gives this chain some good yanks, making sure its extra secure. It is not budging. Last she puts her hands behind her back, clicks the handcuffs around her wrists, and settles into her afternoon bondage fun.

A few blissful moments go by and then panic strikes her. THE KEYS!! "Holy fuck how did I forget about those!" she thinks as she glances up to see them on the dresser next to where she was preparing. She gets up on the bed and makes her way over to them. Yank! The neck chain pulls tight and she is nowhere near close enough. She lays on the bed, completely outstretched and suffocating herself with the chain collar trying to reach them! She gets her toes up onto the dresser, but they stop just an inch short of reach. "An inch! OMG.. What am I going to tell my boyfriend? He's going to find me like this and have some questions for sure. What will he do to me?!" she thinks.

She struggles around for a few more hours, waiting for him to come home and unlock her. When she finally hears him open the front door, her heart sinks. The butterflies in her stomach almost make her sick. What will he think?

"What are you doing?!" he exclaims. "How long have you been like this?" He seems worried at first, but then he sees the keys on the dresser and the neck chain.. "Oh I see.. You got YOURSELF stuck, didn't you?" he says as he runs his hands over her sleek spandex. Natalie nods a defeated "Yes". He giggles and grabs the keys. He removes her neck chain, and then removes one of her ankle cuffs.. Only to run it up through her crotch chain and back down to reattach it. Now poor Natalie is hog-cuffed on the bed. She lets out a confused grunt. "Well.. Your plan obviously was to be tied up all day.. I wouldn't want to disrupt your time in here.." Natalie looks up at her boyfriend confused, and yet very turned on. She had no idea he would be into this kind of play. Now with his approval, she is helplessly chained up and left there to struggle until he decides to come back to release her.

Tags: Handcuff And Shackle Fetish Predicament Bondage Spandex


Natalie Mars is SO PERFECT!! Please give her my best regards.

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