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Models / Claire Tenebrarum

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Tied Up and Groped By The Robber Part 1
Claire Tenebrarum
Claire comes home from work not knowing that her house is being robbed. She comes in the door and sets down her purse, and then she is grabbed from behind and wrestled down to the couch!  She awakens already tied up tightly on the couch just as the robber is coming back in. He has pulled a pair of her dirty panties out of her laundry, and shoves them into her mouth while she futilely struggles to get away from him. He pushes them deep into the back of her mouth and then wraps her face with tape to keep her quiet. He unbuttons her shirt and pulls up her skirt.. She has sexy lingerie and a garter on underneath and.. What's this?! Under the pink satin panties.. A huge bulging cock?! Wow!! The robber shifts his attention from the valuables for a moment to grope and fondle her gorgeous body. Again she struggles to get away, but the feeling of his big hands all over her tiny frame and the helplessness of her situation makes her lady cock grow and harden..  "Oh, you like this, eh?" the robber laughs.. "Alright then, I am going to hogtie you so you can't run off, but I'll be back to play with you some more after I get those valuables upstairs.." Claire's mind races as she lays there bound and gagged on the floor.. Not to the thoughts of the jewelry and little bit of cash she had been saving for a rainy day that was about to be stolen.. But to the exciting thoughts of what he was going to do to her next!

Tags: Bound Orgasms Crotchrope Lingerie Predicament Bondage
Tied Up and Groped By The Robber Part 2
Claire Tenebrarum
Now poor Claire is in a real predicament. She is attached to a tall pole by a leather collar padlocked around her neck and it is chained up high, keeping her on her toes. The robber comes back in and tells her to get undressed. Reluctantly, she complies.. Taking off her satin blouse and skirt. Once she is down to just her satin lingerie, panties, and stockings, the robber grabs some rope and tightly ties her to the pole with her legs spread wide apart. He shoves a ballgag in her mouth and then throat ropes her to the pole so she can't look down. He takes a vibrator and starts petting her poor lady cock with it. Clair shudders in ecstacy with every pass of the wand against her satin covered shaft.. Now he holds it in place against her and she angles her hips to get the vibrator under the tip of her cock. Oh yes she is very much into what is happening to her and is now participating. She screams and cums. The robber keeps going, torturing her poor cock after the fact, post cum. Claire begins to slide down the pole. He follows her down with the hitachi. She thrusts and moans trying to escape it, but to no avail. Now all the way down and seated on the platform, poor Claire is stuck with no where to left go. Her legs are planted, so she cannot stand back up.. Crouched down and tethered, she is forced to take the brunt of his merciless vibing. She cums again and again. When he has finally had his fill, he removes her gag. He asks her if she is his little slut and she answers with no hesitation.. YES!

Tags: Bound Orgasms Crotchrope Lingerie Pantyhose
Swimsuit Bound Orgasms
Claire Tenebrarum
Sexy Claire suns herself by the pool, completely unaware of the stranger checking her out. When the coast is clear, he strikes! Claire comes to.. Already all tied up and gagged in his bedroom. She panics and struggles hard to free herself from her binds. Soon the stranger enters and is holding a big Hitachi vibrator. Claire's eyes get wide. What does he plan to do with that thing? As he comes over to her, Claire tries to lunge away, but he easily catches her and holds her down. He turns on the massive vibrator and holds it under the head of her lady cock. She jumps with excitement. She has never felt such an intense sensation before. He pulls it away, and she follows it, trying to get more. "You like this, don't ya?.. Little slut.." Claire nods in agreement and he brings it back and rubs her silky bulge some more. Claire cums hard! When the stranger has had his fill of fun, he rolls her over onto her belly and shoves the vibe under her bound and helpless body. She thrusts her hips into the toy and cums again. "Looks like you're all good, dear. I'll go ahead and leave you like this for awhile." Claire does not mind at all!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Crotchrope Rope Bondage
Belt Bound Orgasms
Claire Tenebrarum
Sexy T-girl Claire wakes up ball gagged and tightly belt bound in red satin panties. She struggles and squirms around on the satin sheets trying to get free. Shiny comes in and gropes and spanks her before rigging her into an upright kneeling position.. Then grabbing the hitachi vibrator, he takes an orgasm or two out of her poor helpless body.

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bound Bound Orgasms Leather Bondage

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