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Secretary Taken, Tied, and Vibed
Nicole Knight
Sexy Tgirl Nicole comes home from a long day at the office and throws her keys on the counter. As she rounds the corner into her living room, she is grabbed by a masked intruder and wrestled down to the ground! He ties her wrists behind her and shoves some dirty panties he stole from her room into her mouth before taping it shut. He rips open her shirt and gropes her titties before he ties a rope around her neck and drags her into the living room. He ties more rope around her torso and feels up her skirt.. "What's this?!" he exclaims, finding her cock and balls just barely covered by some silky panties.. "Well now, you are full of surprises.." He ties a crotchrope around her package, pulling the rope tightly up her ass and tying it off to her waist. He finishes her off in a hogtie as she squirms and tries to fight him off. He thinks about getting back to robbing the place now that she's out of the way.. But the looks at her there tied and struggling.. And that little satin covered package between her legs.. He is captivated by it and decides he would rather play with her instead. He grabs the vibrator off of her nightstand. As he walks back towards her, poor Nicole tries to worm herself away from him, but it is no use. He rolls her over and gropes her all over before shoving the toy onto the head of her sensitive cock. She was already leaking a bit.. Honestly she was quite turned on by being grabbed and taken down by such strong hands.. She squirms and moans as he vibes her sensitive parts. She manages to work the panties over her tape gag and out of her mouth.. So he rewards her by taking the soaking wet slober-covers panties and putting them over her head! "Stop it! You bastard!" She yells at him through her moans of pure pleasure. When he has had his fun, he stands up and grabs her purse. "Wow.. Mace. This would have been useful.." he chuckles. He takes her wallet and car keys and says goodbye, leaving her still tied on the floor as he jumps in her little car and drives away. "Mondays.." she moans..

Tags: Cock Tease Crotchrope Damsel In Distress Domination

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