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The Plug
Lianna Lawson
Sexy Lianna is drug into frame by with her arms tied tightly behind her at the wrists and elbows. She is bent over the counter and a large ballgag is crammed into her mouth and buckled snugly behind her head. A giant butt plug is placed onto the counter next to her face and lubed up. She shakes her head and tries to pull away, but she is held down and made to watch as the enormous toy is covered in slimy lubricant.  "You know where this is going, don't ya?" a voice booms from behind her. She shakes her head and tries pull at her binds, but she is quite helpless. Once the plug is all lubed up, her pulls down her shiny satin panties and bigins to wiggle it into her tight asshole. The camera gets both the insertion and also her facial reaction as it slides in deep. Lianna moans and struggles. Once the plug is buried to the hilt, he pulls her panties back up to hold it in place. "I have an idea!" he says, grabbing more rope. He ties the rope around her waist and down between her legs. He pulls in up through her ass crack over the plug and gives it a nice tug. He takes it, runs it over her wrist ropes and back again through her ass crack and ties it of in front of her, not only securing the toy deep inside, but framing her package in front and securing her arms in place behind her. "There we go.. Now that thing ain't coming out." he chuckles. He gives her a couple of swats on the ass and plug. "Now then.." He pulls a stool over behind her. " Lets have a seat, shall we?" He shoves her down on the hard wooden seat of the stool. The toy buries itself even deeper into her, and is now a major source of discomfort. She struggles and shifts her weight, trying desperately to dislodge it, but he grabs more rope and ties her tightly down on top of it. She sits there, helplessly perched on the stool, drooling down the front of herself, while the wicked plug digs in deeper with every movement she makes. Before he leaves her, he sits on her lap.. Crushing it in even farther until her eyes are tearing up.  "Alright dear. I am going to leave you like this for awhile. I hope you enjoy your punishment!" He walks out, leaving her there impaled and crying. A few hours later he returns. He pulls Lianna's gag out of her mouth and she is a slobbering mess. With tears in her eyes she begs him.. "PLEASE! Please take it out! Please! It's so big! PLEASE! I promise I'll behave.."

Tags: Bdsm Butt Plug Crotchrope Damsel In Distress

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