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Taken Down By The Robber
Jamie French
Sexy office girl Jamie comes home from work a little early today. She strolls in, puts down her purse, and strolls upstairs, not even noticing the broken window in the kitchen..  Jamie is grabbed from behind and wrestled down onto the ground where she is tightly tied up. A pair of her dirty panties are fished out of her hamper and taped deep into her mouth to keep her quiet. Once the robber is satisfied he's done a good job with the rope, he heads off to finish looting the place. Jamie struggles to get free. She thrashes around and squirms trying to get the ropes loose to no avail. Finally, she wobbles up onto her feet (which are also tied together tightly at the ankles) and begins to hop towards the stairs. She knows if she can just get to her utility drawer downstairs that she can get some scissors to cut her binds. She slowly slides down the stairs on her butt, keeping a watch out in case that burglar might be lurking around. She gets to the bottom of the stairs just as he is rounding the corner and she is busted! He grabs her up, rips her skirt off, and drags her into the living room. With some more rope, he ties her standing up on her feet to the ceiling. "What do we have here?!" he says as he sees her lady cock bulging in the front of her satin panties. "You're full of surprises, aren't you!"  He grabs another length of rope and ties a crotchrope, splitting her ass in half and tightly framing her bulge in her satin panties. She moans and can't help but getting aroused and firm. "There we go.. Oh wait.. One more thing.." He remembers the vibrator in the drawer upstairs. He plugs it in and holds it to her tight little package. She squirms and moans harder. Her poor cock is tied so tightly under the satin that it can't grow. The teases the head with the fierce vibrations and poor Jamie is forced to stand there and absorb it all. When she is just about to blow her load, he stops. He smiles. "Now then, where was I?" he chuckles as he walks off to finish his work... Leaving her dangling and helpless in the archway.

Tags: Cock Tease Crotchrope Damsel In Distress Domination

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