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Models / Rachael Belle

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Jessica Rabbit Captured
Rachael Belle
A sexy Jessica Rabbit cosplay video with gorgeous TS submissive Rachael Belle.. is getting ready for her show when she is cornered by a dingy looking stagehand thug! He ties her up and puts his no good, grubby hands all over her.. 'Whats this?' he exclaims, finding her chastity cage.. He flips her around and finds that she is also wearing a butt plug! He puts her down onto her knees and pulls the cleave gag from between her lips. 'If you want me to let you go.. You're gonna have to give me something first..' He smiles and unzips himself. Jessica takes his cock into her mouth and lightly massages it until he is rock hard, and then sucks him until he bursts hot cum down her throat. 'Good girl'.. he pats her on the head and leaves her there to clean up before her performance.

Tags: bimbo Blow Job Butt Plug Chastity
Playtime Part 3
Natalie Stone , Rachael Belle
In our finale, both Natalie and Rachael are tied down on the bed side by side, ball gagged and facing each other. A crotchrope connects them and they pull it back and forth, teasing each other gently. Shiny comes in to check on them and finds them too irresistible to leave alone. He fingers and vibes the helpless girls, making them squirm and moan. Finally he partially unties them and leaves them there melted on the bed still attached to each other.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm bimbo Cock Tease
Playtime Part 2
Natalie Stone , Rachael Belle
Now its Natalie's turn to return the favor! Rachael is strapped tightly into the chair and Natalie begins to tease her.. Touching her clitty and licking her nipples while she struggles there helplessly, she slides her fingers tenderly into Rachael's ass.. Then switches to a larger dildo, fucking her from underneath! Finally, she takes a vibrator and teases Rachael's clitty before denying her orgasm! So mean.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bound bimbo
Playtime Part 1
Natalie Stone , Rachael Belle
Sexy girlfriends Natalie and Rachael decide to play some kinky games today.. They both dress up in coordinated silver satin lingerie and stockings and heels and go to their local dungeon play space. Natalie is strapped into the bondage chair first and Rachael takes full advantage of her helpless partner.. Kissing her all over and vibing her clitty. Once Natalie's lady cock gets a bit hard, Rachael bends down and sucks it. She has full control of her girlfriend and she is lavishing every second of it..

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bound Cock Tease
A Bound Prostate Milking For The Sissy Slave
Rachael Belle
Sexy sissy maid Rachael finishes up all of her chores and heads upstairs where Master is waiting. She sits on his lap and tells him that she is finished for the day. Master is so pleased, today he is going to reward his favorite sissy gurl. He tells her to go and fetch his rope.. He leads her into the dungeon and ties her down to the bed on all fours. He ties her hips to the frame up above her so that she cannot escape what's coming.. Then he puts on his latex gloves and begins to squirt some lube into his hand.. He notices when he pulls her silky panties to the side that she is wearing her chastity cage. She is such a good girl! He gently inserts his fingers into her eager ass. She moans with ecstasy as he slowly but firmly presses her P-spot.. Massaging it lovingly. After she warms her up a bit, he enters another finger or 2, gradually building up speed and force.. Pretty soon he is hammering her special spot and she can't get away from his touch! Not that she would ever want to.. The prostate milking is filmed from both the front and back, so you can see all of the action and also Rachael's face and reactions to Shiny's pounding fingers. When Shiny is all finished, he inserts a plug into her gaping asshole, pulls her satin panties over the top of it, and spanks her firmly on the ass and the plug!

Tags: Bound Orgasms Butt Plug Chastity Domination
Ass-Gasm'd By The Robber
Rachael Belle
Sexy TS wife Rachael comes home from work and sets down her purse. She is tired and cant wait to slip into a hot bath. Suddenly, she is grabbed from behind and wrestled down by a masked intruder! Her hands are bound behind her with her own satin belt, and then she is dragged upstairs to her room. It seems she has come home in the middle of a robbery in progress! Once upstairs, she is cleave gagged, then undressed down to her satin lingerie and stockings, then hogtied with more satin scarves! The robber leaves her momentarily to finish his heist. She struggles and tries to free herself, but he tied her up really well and she can't get loose. When he finishes loading up his van, he comes back upstairs to say goodbye, but can't help staying to antagonize her a bit. He gropes and fondles her, and.. What's this? He touches the bulge in her satin panties again.. A plump juicy cock! Wow.. Now he is definitely going to stay and play for awhile.. He unties her feet and pulls her up on the bed, and as he does, she breaks free and runs for the door! He quickly catches her and decides he had better make sure she can't escape! He grabs some rope from his van and ties her up properly, frog-tying her legs so she can't run off. He pushes her face down onto the bed and puts on some black latex gloves. "Now well have some fun" he smiles. She lubes up his fingers and slides them into her asshole. She groans and eases back onto his hand. She is liking this alot! He finger fucks her until she is moaning and purring like a kitten.. He agrees to take her gag off, but if she screams, he says it's going right back on again! She agrees and he removes it. Again he fucks her with his fingers, hitting her P-spot and making her juicy cock leak in her panties. She twitches and collapses from a giant ass-gasm! He flips her over onto her back and continues.. She smiles and takes his fingers once more. As he finishes, he explains that he has to leave now and that her husband should be home to rescue her soon. He winks.. She rolls over and asks why that felt so good...

Tags: Bound Orgasms Cock Tease Damsel In Distress Domination
Daphne In Danger Part 2
Rachael Belle
Sexy Daphne is a bit more agreeable in this video. Liking the way the ropes felt, she entices the villain to tie her up again, this time in her leotard costume variant. She poses in the silky spandex for a few moments and then submits to the villains bag of rope. He ties her up nice and tight, including a boxtie and crotchrope (framing her large leaky package).. He ballgags her and leaves her to struggle and roll around in the satin sheets. After a few moments, he returns with a wand vibrator and vibes her lady cock as she writhes and moans through her gag.. Daphne is definitely in no hurry for the gang to rescue her this time!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Cock Tease Cosplay
Daphne In Danger
Rachael Belle
Daphne and the gang decide to split up to search the haunted mansion.. While investigating the main hall, she is grabbed by The Phantom Ghost! Poor big-breasted damsel Daphne now chairtied and cleave/ball gagged struggles and moans for help! In the next scene, she is frogtied and rolling around on the floor with her skirt up, helplessly flashing her crotch for all to see!

Tags: Ballgagged bimbo Cosplay Damsel In Distress

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