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Models / Shiri Allwood

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Taken Down by the Burglar
Shiri Allwood
Sexy Shiri walks in the door from work and is immediately grabbed from behind by a would-be burglar and wrestled down onto the couch! When she comes to, she is sitting on the ground very tightly tied up in rope. The burglar yanks her chin back and stuffs her mouth with a large sponge ball before wrapping her fave in vet wrap and then taping over it with heavy vinyl tape! Shiri struggles and tries to call out for help, but barely a sound can be made through the layered gag and there is no way she can wiggle out of those ropes.. He ties her legs spread apart and notices the large bulge in Shiri's panties.. Well.. What do we have here?.. He pulls the panties to the site and gropes her cock and balls. Wow.. You are full of surprises! Poor Shiri can do nothing to fight off his fondling hands. He touches her soft milky thighs gently. She almost moans.. He get up and remembers why he is there.. To rob the place. He gathers his composure and leaves her tied there while he finishes taking her valuables. When he comes back into the living room, Shiri is still in the exact place he left her.. Heaving, helpless, and with a puddle between her thighs from a very leaky cock..

Tags: Cock Tease Damsel In Distress Groping Humiliation
Black Widow Captured
Shiri Allwood
The Black Widow sneaks into the villains hideout using her savvy stealth techniques.. But once inside, gas pours through the vents and poor Black Widow has fallen right into a trap! When she comes to, she is tied up tight upright with her legs spread. The villain enters and begins his interrogation. He vibes her lady cock through her sexy catsuit and gropes her tits until she is ready to talk. Black Widow is stubborn though, and has been conditioned to resist the torment! How long can she last like this?!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms Catsuit
Hooters Femboy Taught a Lesson
Shiri Allwood
Sexy femboi Shiri Allwood has your order of wings hot and fresh in hand! Well.. Almost.. It seems she dropped your bag of delicious piping hot food on the ground.. and brought you a bag of frozen wings as a replacement?! This is completely unacceptable! But rather than give the gurl a scathing 1 star review, (and noticing the giant bulge in the front of her orange shorts..) I had something else on my mind that included a chair, about 100 feet of rope, and a vibrator! This may be one lesson she has to learn the hard way!

Tags: Ballgagged Cock Tease Cosplay Groping
Futaslaves Cocksucking Predicament
Lianna Lawson , Shiri Allwood
Lianna Lawson is strapped to a pole with her arms locked behind her. A hole has been cut in her spandex slave suit and her cock is exposed. Her mouth has been stuffed, her ears plugged, and a tight leather hood has been laced up over the top. She is blindfolded and completely sensory deprived. She waits there not knowing what her master has in store for her today.. He brings in another slave girl.. Shiri is wearing a matching silky spandex slave suit. Her hands are bound behind her and she has been fitted with an open mouth gag. She is sat down in a chair directly across from Lianna and her arms are pulled up and tied to the back of the chair, forcing her face forward towards Lianna's cock.. Lianna can now feel Shiri's hot breath on her cock, and she begins to get hard. Master has a special plan for these 2 slave girls. He places a a bi metal hook inside of Lianna's ass and pulls her hips forward to meet Shiri's mouth. Once Lianna's now throbbing cock is inside of Shiri's dripping drooling mouth, he padlocks the loop end of the metal hook to Shiri's collar. Now she is locked in place and cannot pull back off of the cock deep in her throat.. She sucks and sucks while Lianna helplessly hangs in the balance! Everytime Shiri tries to pull away, the hook buries deeper into Lianna's prostate, bringing her closer and closer to a fierce orgasm.

Tags: Ass Hook Bdsm Belt Bound Blindfolded
Asuka Captured and Tormented
Shiri Allwood
With Shiri Allwood

Asuka captured! First she is tied down to a chair and fitted with a huge sounding rod that is coated with a serum to make her uncontrollably horny and excited..

Then she is tied down and adjusted in such a way that she can't touch or play with her lady cock! Poor Asuka! Fighting the uncontrollable urges as best as she can, she is stuck exposed, rock hard, and strugging!

Also included in the video.. 10 minutes of bonus rigging and BTS with gorgeous Shiri Allwood at no charge!

Tags: Crotchrope Rope Bondage
School Girl Tied and Exposed
Shiri Allwood
With Shiri Allwood

Shiri is going around the neighborhood selling cookies for her school. She comes up to a door on her block and rings the bell. A man answers and invites her in....

Shiri awakens bound and gagged on the couch. She struggles to get free, but it's no use. The man comes back in and begins to fondle and grope her. He manhandles her, holding her by the throat and pulling her up by her long red hair. He starts to pull down her panties and Shiri can't do anything to stop him! What do we have here Shiri? A nice hard lady cock? Shiri couldn't hide how excited she was from all of the struggling and groping.. He pulls her panties down leaving her exposed and on display. He tells her that he is doing some maintenance on the house, but that the owners should be home soon to find her and untie her, then he leaves. Shiri is beyond humiliated. Tied up tight and with her rock hard cock out? What will she do if they find her like this?!

Tags: Crotchrope Humiliation Rope Bondage School Uniform
Squirming in Spandex
Shiri Allwood
With Shiri Allwood

Shiri Allwood dressed in a sleek lycra catsuit, tied head to toe in tight ropes, and left to struggle and squirm on the satin sheets.. A heavenly vision. She moans through her ballgag as she grinds her hips forward into the bed, the tight crotchrope rubbing all of the right spots through the spandex. As she starts to fall into subspace, I reel her back in by bringing up her ankles and tying a strict hogtie. Now completely helpless, I run my hands and fingertips along the shiny lycra, sometimes tickling, sometimes melting her and sending her to a very warm fuzzy place.

Tags: Crotchrope Rope Bondage Spandex
The Secretary
Shiri Allwood
With Shiri Allwood

A spin on one of our favorite movies.. "The Secretary"

Sexy slave maid Shiri Alwood is chained up, posture collared, gagged, and ordered to clean up the house while Sir takes a nap. When she knocks something off the table and makes a big noise, her Sir comes in to see what all the commotion is. He bends her over the table and handcuffs her collar to the far side. He lifts up her satin skirt and spanks her pale ass until it's a nice shade of pink. He readjusts her arms up and behind her and re-locks them in place. He walks her to the couch and sits her down. He straps her legs wide apart, exposing the giant bulge in the front of her silky panties. He blindfolds her so she cannot see whats coming next, then takes the Hitachi vibrator and rubs it just under the tip of her sensitive throbbing lady cock. She squirms and tries to dodge it, but then cums hard! After she has cum, Sir continues to rub the Hitachi on her ultra sensitive tip until she is begging him to remove it.

Tags: Bdsm Crotchrope Domination

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