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Models / Izzy Wilde

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Robber Taught a Lesson Part 2
Izzy Wilde
Now in part 2, Izzy is taken upstairs to the dungeon where she is told to change out of her spandex catsuit and into some satin lingerie and panties for more playtime. At first she resists, but the thought of going to jail for breaking and entering quickly makes her change her mind.. Her captor ballgags her before he ties her arms up and behind her, bending her over a bench. He slides her silky panties over and slips his fingers into her delicate asshole. She moans with ecstasy and goes crosseyed. He continues to finger her for a few moments and then he reties her in a sitting position with arms suspended above. Again he fingers her until she has an explosive ass-gasm!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Domination Finger Fucked
Robber Taught a Lesson Part 1
Izzy Wilde
After watching her neighbor leave his house for work, Izzy slides in the back door of his house, determined to make off with some valuables before he gets back! She slips in and begins to look through his bookcase. "What the hell are you doing here?!" a loud voice booms. It turns out the neighbor forgot his lunch and was was running back in to grab it when he caught her red handed! He grabs her and wrestles her to the ground, climbing on her chest and holding her arms down. He makes her an offer.. He can call the cops and have her hauled off to jail.. or... she can stay tied up at his house and played with for the day. Reluctantly, she submits to his will and agrees to be his bondage toy for the day.. He stands her up and ties her arms to her sides. He rubs her bound body while she whines and complains. Oop.. Whats this?! This large bulge in the front of her leotard.. "Well now.. You are full of surprises, aren't ya? This is going to be fun.." he chuckles as he grabs a handful of cock and balls. He shoves a ballgag into her mouth to quiet her protests. He folds out a massage table and instructs her to lay down. He ties her legs together and then anchors them to the base of the table. He also fastens her torso down to the table and then ties a tight rope around her neck and head, also anchored down to keep her nice and helpless. He plays with her body, exposing her cock (which is now rock hard from the excitement). He teases it for a while before letting her know he is going to leave her tied there for a bit while he heads upstairs to call in sick and prepare another fun predicament for her! Poor Izzy struggles and shakes, but it's just no use. She is stuck there!

Tags: Ballgagged Catsuit Cock Tease Groping
The Temp
Izzy Wilde
Innocent T-girl Izzy Wilde shows up to the job the temp agency assigned her. A simple office job, or so she thinks.. 3 seconds into her orientation and the big boss is already groping her and ties her hands behind her back with his belt. She begins to protest, but he removes her panties and stuffs them into her mouth. He grabs a roll of tape and wraps her face with it, muffling her speech. He shoves her into a chair and adds more leather belts until she is securely fastened to it. He exposes her tiny titties and fondles them. He pulls up her skirt and exposes her cock, which is now fully erect from the situation. Next he grabs the vibrator and teases her while she is helpless. He lets her know that this is part of her office job for the day and after he has his fun teasing her, he leaves her there to suffer till lunch.

Tags: Belt Bound Cock Tease Damsel In Distress Domination
The Intruder
Izzy Wilde
Sexy Izzy Wilde is upstairs in bed when she hears a noise from down below. She gets up and cautiously descends the stairs, looking around for anything out of the normal. "Hello? Is somebody there?" As she gets to the bottom of the stairs she is grabbed in the shadows by a masked intruder who quickly puts his hand over her mouth and drags her away! As she comes to.. She realizes she is tightly tied standing to a pole.. The intruder is nowhere in sight. "Oh my god.. This is so... Hot.. No! I can't let him know how turned on I'm getting.. I hope he doesn't come back in here and see how hard I am.." Poor Izzy can't hide her raging erection now climbing towards the top of her waist band, about to break through. The intruder eventually comes back in and sees her situation. She scowls at him to leave her alone, but without saying a word he cleave gags her and starts grabbing and stroking her gigantic stiff cock with his leather glove. With his other hand, he grabs her titties and squeezes them. After he has had his fun with her, he pulls her panties down and leaves her there exposed, never having said a word to her throughout the entire ordeal. She hangs there naked and helpless, waiting and hoping someone will find her soon!

Tags: Cock Tease Damsel In Distress Domination Gag Talk

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