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Models / Sabina Steele

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Futaslaves Buttfucking Predicament
Nicole Knight , Sabina Steele
Sexy futaslaves Nicole and Sabina are belted up tight on the bed. Sabina is on all fours with her ass up and a hole ripped in her suit for easy access. Nicole is brought in behind her and fitted with a large strap on dildo before being tightly belted in place and gagged. Poor Nicole's clitty lies there limp in the shadow underneath the always hard strap on dildo! Now Shiny lubes it up and helps it into position in Sabina's waiting asshole. Nicole takes over, and even though she is completely bound and gagged.. she fucks a poor helpless Sabina hard! The slavegirls go at it in their kinky predicament, being helped along by Shiny provoking and spanking them if they slow down. Finally, Nicole is partially released so she can really pump Sabina's ass!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bound Bondage Sex
Futaslaves Cocksucking Predicament Part 2
Nicole Knight , Sabina Steele
Now in part 2, the tables are turned and it is Nicole's turn to get her clitty sucked.. Sabina is tied down to a chair with a ring gag stuck in her jaw and a metal hook in her ass connected to a rope. She drools and waits for Nicole to be presented. Shiny brings Nicole over and lets Sabina tongue her cock through the gag. He hands the rope connected to Sabina's butt hook to Nicole and Nicole has some fun pulling on the hook while Sabina helplessly blows her. After a few, Shiny comes in and ties Nicoles wrists behind her and ballgags her. He takes out Sabina's gag and then blindfolds her. Sabina begins sucking Nicole's clit vigorously, drooling all down her balls.. Shiny ties them in a few different predicaments, and then leaves them there to pleasure each other!

Tags: Ass Hook Ballgagged Blindfolded Cock Tease
Futaslaves Cocksucking Predicament Part 1
Nicole Knight , Sabina Steele
Sexy futaslave Sabina Steele is strapped to a pole with her arms locked behind her. She is blindfolded and wearing an open mouth ring gag. She waits there not knowing what her master has in store for her today.. Master brings in another futaslave.. Nicole is wearing a matching silky satin blouse and corset combo with stockings and garter and heels. Her hands are bound behind her and she has been fitted with an open mouth gag. She is sat down in a chair directly across from Sabina and her arms are pulled up and tied to the back of the chair, forcing her face forward towards Sabina's cock.. The drool falls from her mouth uncontrollably. Sabina can now feel Nicole's hot breath on her tiny cock, and she begins to get hard. Master has a special plan for these 2 slave girls. He places a a big metal hook inside of Sabina's ass and pulls her hips forward to meet Nicoles's mouth. Once Sabina's now throbbing cock is inside of Nicole's drooling mouth, he padlocks the loop end of the metal hook to Nicole's collar. Now she is locked in place and cannot pull back away from Sabina's cock... She sucks and sucks while Sabina helplessly hangs in the balance! Everytime Nicole tries to pull away, the hook buries deeper into Sabina's prostate, bringing her closer and closer to a fierce orgasm. Finally, Master pulls off Nicole's gag so she can suck off Sabina properly. Before Sabina can cum, Master buries his fingers into Nicole's ass and finger fucks her..

Tags: Ass Hook Bdsm Belt Bound Blindfolded
Batgirl Captured and Tormented Part 2
Sabina Steele
Now in part 2, Batgirl finds herself tied up standing in the rack. Her arms are bound behind her, and her legs are tied spread apart. She struggles for a bit, moaning through her ballgag until the villain re-appears! He ties her crotchrope to an electric winch and uses it to pull her hips forward. Now, with her hard cock bulging through her tight spandex, the villain teases her and grabs her titties. He pulls out the hitachi wand vibrator and starts building her towards an orgasm. After awhile, he cuts a hole in her catsuit and pulls her cock out through it. He lubes her up and strokes her cock, milking it for all its worth.. Will Batgirl escape? Will she cum?! Tune in to find out!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms
Batgirl Captured and Tormented
Sabina Steele
Batgirl enters the lair of the supervillain to investigate the missing girls.. She is quickly taken down and chairtied by the henchman. Now tied to a chair and completely helpless she is gagged and then vibed by the masked henchman! Will Batman come in time to save her? What is in store for poor Batgirl?!

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Cosplay Groping
Impaled, Caged, and Vibed
Sabina Steele
Gorgeous redhead Tgirl Sabina Steele submits to and afternoon of captivity at the hands of Shiny.. Dressed in a silky satin lingerie set, stockings, and heels.. and also chastity caged beneath her satin panties! She is a sight to behold. First Shiny puts on a latex glove and lubes up his fingers before he bends her over the chair and begins to loosen up her asshole. After a few moments he inserts a huge dildo and works her with that while she gently moans. He tucks the dildo into her panties and sits her down on the chair, impaling her on the large toy. She shuffles trying to get comfortable as Shiny grabs a box full of leather belts. He calmly straps her down on the chair, making sure each leather belt is nice and tight! Once he's finished, she is helpless and cant get off of the huge stiff cock! Her poor cock swells in it's cage with no where to grow.. Next he takes some satin panties and tapes them into her mouth with a thick layer of microfoam tape. He takes a second pair of satin panties and covers her face with them. He exposes her perfect breasts and puts some crude nipple clamps on them. He takes a Hitachi vibrator and tightly straps it between her thighs, resting the head of it on her hard resin cage, and flips it on. Waves of intense vibrations transfer directly to the head of her poor sensitive restrained cock and she whines and struggles hard against her bonds trying to escape it! Shiny leaves her to suffer like this for awhile, impaled, full, and rattling.. Poor Sabina shakes and cries out. Finally he releases her legs and re-straps them apart. He takes the panties off of her face and exposes her chastity cage, now dripping with pre-cum. Once again he takes the vibrator and plays with her, bringing her close to cumming over and over. Finally, he releases her off of the chair and works her ass some more with the dildo before ungagging her. He spanks her on the ass and balls and she quivers in ecstasy. As Sabina spits out the saliva covered panties, she thanks him for the amazing experience.

Tags: Belt Bound Bound Orgasms Butt Plug Chastity

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