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Models / Pixi Lust

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Fun With Butt Hooks Part 2
Pixi Lust
Sexy Pixi Lust gets tied in more butt hook predicaments.. She howls and wines as the predicaments stack up and she is forced to hang there, suspended by the hook in her asshole over and over! Shiny torments her with tight ties, spankings, and hook wiggles until poor Pixi is a drooling mess!

Tags: Ass Hook Ballgagged Bdsm Cock Tease
Fun With Butt Hooks Part 1
Pixi Lust
Sexy Pixi Lust is dragged onto camera and tied with her arms above her and legs spread wide. Shiny fiddles with a butt hook and slowly lubes it up and slides it into her ass.. As the cold metal hook takes hold against her prostate and insides, she squirms and yelps. Now hooked from the front, Shiny pulls the rope and attaches it up and in front of her, pulling her hips forward and making her stand on tippy toes! Any movement at all now transfers directly into her poor stretched asshole. Seizing the opportunity, Shiny alternates between vibing her clit through her silky satin panties and jacking her off.. All while hooked and hanging there in place!

Tags: Ass Hook Ballgagged Bdsm Cock Tease
Caged, Fingered, and Left Bound for The Night
Pixi Lust
Sexy slavegirl Pixi Lust is in for the evening.. She begins nearly naked, with just some satin panties covering her clitty. Shiny walks in and hands her a micro cock-cage to put on. She removes her underwear, and sees that putting it on is going to be a challenge.. as Pixi knows whats coming and is getting very excited.. But she manages to get the cage shut and locked. Next Shiny pulls out a large ass-filling butt plug and tells her to get on all 4's. He ballgags her, then puts on some nitrile cloves and fingers her P-spot for a few moments until her eyes go crossed! Now she is ready for the plug, which he lubes up and inserts. Now caged and plugged, he hands her a spandex catsuit to put on. She pulls it on slowly, feeling the silky material as she does, and being careful not to disturb the plug or cage underneath. Next she is fitted with a tight corset, leather cuffs, and a posture collar. The cuffs are padlocked behind her and she is again ballgagged and then strapped up tight with wide leather belts. Finally, she is attached to the bed with rope cinchers, and then fitted with a strong vibrator strapped up between her thighs and resting against the rigid chastity cage. When Shiny flips on the switch, the entire plugged and encased package that is Pixi shudders and shakes with pleasure. He takes the satin panties she was wearing and places them over her face and ballgag. "You keep it down in here, Im going to bed.." are the last things she hears before he leaves her there for the night..

Tags: Ballgagged Belt Bound Bound Orgasms Butt Plug
Tied and Tormented
Pixi Lust
Tgirl Pixi Lust is dragged onto stage by her neckrope, ballgagged, and with her hands tied behind her. She is progressively tied into a humiliating exposed position, with her poor little cock framed in her panties with a tight crotchrope and her legs spread to the sides. Her neckrope is anchored in front of her, choking her and keeping her off-balance. She is left there to suffer and drool for a few minutes. Next a vibrator is introduced and her poor lady cock is teased and vibed in her little satin pouch. She struggles hard trying to escape the aggressive vibrations on the tip of her sensitive cock.. Poor girl. Just as she is about to cum, he pulls it away again.. Her balls fill and ache with all of the teasing. Will he let her cum?.. Or will he leave her hanging there in agony?

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Boot Fetish Cock Tease
Spandex Bondage
Pixi Lust
Gorgeous Pixi Lust gets progressively tied on screen in her silky Leohex leotard and fishnet tights. She loves getting tied and is very giddy as the ropes tightly envelope her sexy frame. Once she's all tied up tight, a ballgag is strapped on and then she is left there to struggle it out!

Tags: Ballgagged Crotchrope Groping Rope Bondage
Robin Captured and Tormented Part 2
Pixi Lust
The Boi Wonder has been caught by the Black Mask's evil henchman! Now in Part 2, she is lowered from her standing strappado position and seated on a chair. As she sits, her weight on top of the unforgiving glass butt plug in her ass drives it in even deeper, causing her to yelp and moan. She is tied into this sitting position with her arms locked behind her and legs spread in front. The hoist is looked to her crotchrope and she is lifted up, partially suspending her hips and ass, and driving the plug in painfully deep! She struggles and tries to achieve any level of comfort, but it is impossible in her current predicament! The henchman comes back to try to once again get her to talk, bringing his friend the vibrator with him. Poor Robin is vibed until she is cumming, and then vibed some more on her poor overstimulated lady cock! Tears pour down her face and drool soaks her costume. "Still not going to talk, eh?!" the henchman bellows.  He shoves the vibrator into the front of her briefs and wedges it in under the crotchrope, with it smashing down on her most sensitive spot. She shrieks and bolts side to side in the chair. He leaves her like this.. Completely helpless but to cum over and over and then post cum torment herself into oblivion.

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms Butt Plug Cock Tease
Robin Captured and Tormented Part 1
Pixi Lust
The Boi Wonder has been caught by the Black Mask's evil henchman and is left hanging in the dungeon tied standing in a spread eagle. As she comes to, she is groggy and trying to get her bearings. The henchman comes in and grabs and gropes her through her costume. He wants to know how Robin found their secret lair and he will torment her until she tells! He ballgags her then grabs the vibrator and goes to work on her lady cock, buzzing it through her silky shorts. Poor Robin moans and thrashes, trying to dodge the wand and get loose. The henchman decides to raise the stakes. He pulls Robin's hands down and locks them behind her back. He hoists them up in a strappado behind her. He grabs the giant glass butt plug off of the table and greases it up as he walks towards her. "I know how to make you talk.." he sneers. He pulls Robin's shorts and tights down, exposing her bare ass. She shakes and tries to pull away, but it is no use. He shoves the unforgiving plug deep into her tight asshole and pulls her tights back up to hold it in place. Giving her a couple of swats on the plug, he says "There we go. Nice and big, huh?" Poor Robin sobs.. The plug is so huge and rock hard. Her poor asshole is throbbing now. The henchman once again grabs the vibrator and goes to town on her. Robin is frothing at the mouth. drool covers the floor as she helplessly dangles and endures his torment. "Still not gonna talk, eh? Alright then.." He grabs a short piece if rope and ties it around her waist and pulls it up between her legs, smashing her cock and pulling the plug up her ass even farther before tying it off. "Were gonna leave you like this for awhile to think things over.." ..To be continued in part 2!

Tags: Ballgagged Butt Plug Cock Tease Cosplay
Taken Down By The Robber
Pixi Lust
Innocent Pixi Lust is lounging in her room after work. She hears a noise come from downstairs and goes to investigate. She finds her front door is wide open. "That's strange..." she thinks to herself. She locks it up tight and starts to look around the house. A robber comes from behind her and grabs her, putting his leather gloved hand over her mouth to quiet her! She moans and tries to fight him off, but she is easily overpowered by the brute. He climbs on top of her limp body and ties her hands behind her. (on camera) He sits her back up and shoves some panties he found in her laundry deep into her mouth. As he is taping them in, she comes to and starts to fight him again! Once she is gagged tight and can't dislodge the wad of panties, he rolls her over and pulls down her shiny pants to reveal her satin panties and... Her big ol' bulge in the front! "Well now.. You're just full of surprises!" he laughs at her. He ties a tight crotch rope on her to frame her lady cock and then flips her over and hogties her on her belly. She fights hard, but within seconds she is completely helpless. The robber stands up, proud of the tied game at his feet. Now he has the run of the house and go back to robbing the place. After awhile, he comes back into the room. She is still tightly gagged and securely bound in the same spot. He rolls her over onto her back. "There ya go.. Just like a little turtle on it's shell.. Haha. Well.. I have everything I came for and more!" he smiles as he pulls down her panties and exposing her hard cock. "It look's like someone likes this kinda rough treatment.." He looks down and he can tell she is smiling at him through the gag. "Well, then.. I'm just going to leave you 'hanging out' like this for your roomie or boyfriend to find..Haha!" He leaves and closes the door behind him. The silence of the room sets in. Poor Pixi can't move a muscle or yell out at any volume that anyone would hear her. And what's more? She is completely exposed and would be mortified if the wrong person dropped in there to help! She lays there quietly.. Counting the moments until her roommate gets off of work and can help her out of this mess..

Tags: Cock Tease Crotchrope Damsel In Distress Domination

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