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Models / Ella Hollywood

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Detective Misadventures
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Detective Pikachu is on the case and tracking down the stolen diamonds when she is surprised by the villain in his home. She awakens groggy, bound, and gagged in his secret underground lair. She struggles to get free, but its no use.. The villain has tied her up very tight. When he returns, he gropes her and spanks her. He pulls out a wand vibrator and teases her with it for a few moments before bringing her to a full screaming orgasm. He exposes her lady cock and leaves her laying there tied and humiliated.

Tags: Cosplay Crotchrope Rope Bondage
Lock Down
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Gorgeous T-girl sex slave Ella Hollywood is straightjacketed and strapped up tight, then gagged and blindfolded, and finally chained down to the bed at the head and feet. Now completely helpless and shut off to the world outside, she savors the sensory deprivation.. and then I turn on the hitachi and begin to tease her to full erection..

Tags: Crotchrope Spandex Straitjacket
Spider Gwen Compromised
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Spider Gwen is hot on the trail of the evil scientist when one of his thugs gets the drop on her. He grabs her by the throat and chokes her!

Spider Gwen comes to and she is bound heavily to a chair. She tries to move with all of her strength, but can't budge this high tensile rope. The thug returns and unmasks her. After exposing her identity he shoves a giant ballgag into her mouth and straps it in there tight. He grabs her hood and puts it back on her over the gag. Then he picks up the vibrator and edges her to the brink of ruin several times. When he is ready for her to cum, he re-positions himself behind her and puts his large hand on her throat, choking her as he buzzes the tip of her lady cock until she cums all over the inside of her suit. Satisfied with breaking her, he unzips her crotch to expose her rock hard cock. He makes a phone call to the local newspaper. He gives them her location, then he leaves her there bound, gagged, and exposed.. To be found by the media and ruined!!

Tags: Cosplay Encasement Objectification Rope Bondage
Black Market T-girl
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Ella realizes she is in big trouble as she is hurled onto the bed gagged with her hands bound behind her. The night had started so routinely.. I mean, she escorts all the time.. How was tonite any different? The difference was tonite, after stripping to her back satin panties, he noticed her bulge in the front! And him being a black market trader knew immediately the value of a hot 19 year old blond T-girl!

She tries to crawl away from him, but he sits on her legs while he ties he ankles, then rotates and sits on her again while he ties her elbows, never letting her up. His body weight smashing her tiny frame into the satin mattress.

He hoists her legs up behind her and pulls a crotch rope past her silk encased cock, pulls it through her wrist ropes, down through her ankle ropes, and then secures it behind her in a serpentine fashion, effectively and tightly hogtying her. Now any move she makes painfully tightens the ropes all over!

Once she is completely helpless he stands up to admire his work. He puts his grubby hands all over her as she tries her best to wiggle free. He grabs her by the throat and tells her she is gonna make someone a very happy owner.

BONUS! - Ella LOVED being hogtied for this, so at the end of the video I included 5 minutes of her un-gagged and really trying to escape this hogtie!

Tags: Crotchrope Damsel In Distress Rope Bondage
Living Doll Objectified and Cumming
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Sexy Tgirl slut Ella Hollywood submits to some objectification bondage and forced orgasm play. Dressed from head to toe in shiny red spandex and corseted in satin, she is ready for action.

I start off by tying her her ankles together and then her wrists behind her. I sit her up straight, ballgag her and then I layer a microfoam tape gag over the top of it. Next the spandex hood is pulled over her head and zipped up tight. She lays back onto her side and I tie her knees, then her elbows. I leave her like this for a moment or two.. Squirming around on the satin sheet, grinding her cock into the mattress and feeling out her bondage.

Next I pull her arms up behind her in a side strappado and tie them to the bed. I do the same with her ankles, securing them down below. I run a rope around her waist, knot it in the back, pull it through her crotch, and attach it to the bed in front of her, forcing her hips forward. Now with no where to struggle to and no leverage on the slippery sheets, I grab the Hitachi and go at her! She squirms and writhes as I message her sensitive parts. I turn it off from time to time to edge and tease her, and she pleads for me to keep going. I turn it back on and build her up into a frenzied convulsing orgasm. She squeals and lurches on the mattress as she soils her suit!

Tags: Crotchrope Encasement Objectification Spandex
Manhandled By The Robber
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Ella comes home from a long day at the office and sets down her purse. All of a sudden she is grabbed from behind and before she can scream a large hand cups her mouth. She is wrestled down to the couch and groped as she tries to fight him off. She puts up quite the struggle, but he is much bigger and stronger, and soon she is exhausted.

As she comes to.. She realizes she is bound and gagged very tightly and the robber is nowhere to be seen. She struggles hard to try and slip free, slipping off of the couch to the floor, and then squirming her way back up. She gets back up onto her feet, and tries to hop towards the door. A difficult task in her high heels.

After a few hops, the robber comes back in and tackles her back to the ground. He ties her into a tight hogtie and heads back into the other room looking for valuables. She struggles hard again. this time rolling around and fighting the tight ropes from the floor.

When the robber is satisfied he's got everything of value, he comes back into the living room where poor Ella is still tied and struggling. He rolls her over onto her side and rips open her blouse, exposing her pieced nipples. He gropes them while she tries to shake out of his grasp. Next he pulls up her skirt. ""Well well.. What do we have here..?"" he asks as he sees her rock hard lady cock standing at full attention in her satin panties. Ella has never been so humiliated.. or turned on.. ""Maybe there's something else here I should take with me.."" As he passes his hands over her she moans with excitement, thrusting her hips forward and leaking in her panties. He pushes her back over onto her belly. ""I'm going to leave you like this till I make my getaway.. But don't worry, I'll call the cops from a safe distance and tell them where they can rescue you after I'm well away..""

""What!?"" Ella thinks. ""Leave Me?!"" The robber leaves through the back door and she is there alone helplessly tied. She grinds her satin covered cock into the carpet beneath her. The pressure and roughness feel so good. She grinds and builds up until she finally cums hard. Now thoroughly spent, she waits..Collapsed and helpless on the floor.. And hopes that the robber called the cops to save her like he promised.

Tags: Rope Bondage
BTS Hentai Shoot
Ella Hollywood , Natalie Mars
With Ella Hollywood and Natalie Mars

A few video snippets from BTS with Natalie and Ella from the hentai style bondage photo shoot we did. Also includes a nose hook make out scene and some sub-top bondage where a gagged Ella is forced to fuck a helplessly bound Natalie.. Very hot.

Tags: Rope Bondage
Burglary Gone Right
Ella Hollywood
With Ella Hollywood

Ella goes to bed in her favorite satin lingerie and fishnets. She climbs into the slippery satin sheets and gets comfy. As she nods off, she dreams of a big man coming in and having his way with her.. She awakens to a big tattooed hand over her mouth. Before she can scream or make a sound, a gag is shoved into her mouth and pulled tight. She flips and struggles, but the man's strong hands do a good job of holding her down and wrapping her body with rope.

He gets up off of her and leaves the room. She can hear him rummaging through things in the house most likely looking for valuables. She struggles to get free, but the more she does, the more aroused she gets. This was just what she had been dreaming about. She knows she shouldn't be enjoying this, but she can't help herself.

When the man re-enters the room, he sees that she has moved around quite a lot. He doesn't want her hopping away to call for help, so he yanks her back into place, grabs another length of rope, and mounts her. He flips her over and puts his big hand on her throat, and as he does, he notices her erection at full attention in her satin panties. "My my my.. what have we got here? I was gonna take some of your jewelry, but maybe I'll take you instead sissy girl.." he says with an evil grin as he bares his weight down on her helpless body. He hogties her tight with the rope and again leaves the room.

Now completely helpless, poor Ella tries hard to struggle free, but the ropes are so tight she can't manage to move. Her throbbing cock has a heartbeat of it's own at this point. She grinds it against her panties and the ropes. She can't believe how good it feels.

The robber comes back and asks her where her safe is hidden as he chokes her and fondles her body. He removes her gag to let her speak. As he does she sticks her tongue out like a cat in heat. Please.. The safe is in the back room in the closet.. Take it.. Just please.. PLEASE.. Leave me tied up.."

The man looks down at her with an evil grin.. ""Very well my dear.."""

Tags: Bdsm Crotchrope Lingerie Rope Bondage


Big fan
Ella is delicious! Would love to see her and Claire Tenebrarum do something together. Keep up the good work!
More of Ella’s bare feet pointing her toes showing a lot of wrinkled soles.

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